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Texas Instruments TI Semiconductors – Active Components

Texas Instruments Incorporated is the world leader in digital signal processing and analog technologies, the semiconductor engines of the Internet age. Innovate with 80000+ analog ICs & embedded processors, software & largest sales/support staff.

Texas Instruments (TI) designs and manufactures semiconductor solutions for analog and digital embedded and application processing. The company operates through the following business segments: Analog & Embedded Processing. The Analog segment semiconductors change real-world signals such as sound, temperature, pressure or images, by conditioning them, amplifying them and often converting them to a stream of digital data that can be processed by other semiconductors, such as embedded processors. Embedded processing segment designed to handle specific tasks and can be optimized for various combinations of performance, power and cost, depending on the application.

TI is a leader in the real-time technologies that help people communicate. We are moving fast to drive the Internet age forward with semiconductor solutions for large markets such as wireless and broadband access and for new emerging markets such as digital cameras and digital audio.

TI envisions a world where every phone call, every Internet connection, every photograph you take, every song you listen to are touched by the power of TI’s Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Analog technologies.

  • Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)
  • Analog & Mixed Signal
    • Amplifiers and Linear
    • Data Converters
    • Interface Products
    • Power Management
    • Audio
    • Clocks and Timers
    • Control and Monitoring
    • RF
    • Wireless and Telecom
    • Video and Imaging
    • Logic
    • Programmable Logic
    • FIFOs
  • Microcontrollers
  • Broadband Solutions
  • Wireless Solutions
  • DLPT - DMD DiscoveryT
  • ASIC
  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Space Products



    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
    Body Electronics & Lighting
    Hybrid/Electric & Power Train Systems
    Infotainment & Cluster

Communications Equipment

    Enterprise Switching
    Telecom Infrastructure
    Wireless Infrastructure

Enterprise Systems



    Building Automation
    Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)
    Factory Automation & Control
    Grid Infrastructure
    Industrial Transport
    Medical, Healthcare & Fitness
    Motor Drives
    Other Industrial
    Power Delivery
    Space, Avionics & Defense
    Test & Measurement

Personal Electronics

    Home Theater and Entertainment
    Mobile Phones
    PC & Notebooks
    Portable Electronics
    Printers & Other Peripherals
    Wearables (non-medical)

Internet of Thing

Applications: Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)


  • C6000

    TMS320C6000 High Performance DSPs delivering new levels of C-based performance and cost efficiency, with low power dissipation, for broadband networks and digitized imaging applications. Includes code compatible C62x and C64x fixed point DSPs; C67x floating point DSPs.

  • C5000

    TMS320C5000 Power Efficient DSPs delivering optimal combination of performance, peripheral options, small packaging and the best power-efficiency for personal and portable Internet and wireless communications. Includes code compatible C54x and C55x fixed point DSPs.

  • C2000

    TMS320C2000 Control Optimized DSPs delivering highest performance, greatest code efficiency and optimal peripheral integration for the digital control revolution. Includes code compatible C24x and C28x fixed point DSPs.

  • OMAP

    OMAP Processors integrating the command and control functionality of ARM, coupled with low-power, real-time signal processing capabilities of a DSP. Optimized for mobile Internet devices and multimedia appliances.

  • Other TMS320 DSPs All other TMS320 DSPs including C33x floating point DSPs



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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
CSD18531Q5ATexas Instruments CSD18531Q5A Trans MOSFET N-CH 60V 19A 8-Pin SON EP T/R01.1400
TMP112AIDRLTTexas Instruments TMP112AIDRLT IC Temperature Sensor01.3100
TPD4E001DBVRTexas Instruments TPD4E001DBVR ESD Suppressors Low-Cap 4Ch +/-15kV ESD Protection Array00.1500
1N4742ATexas Instruments 1N4742A Zener Diode 12V, 1W, 5%, DO-411040.2300
UCC27424DTexas Instruments UCC27424D Dual 4A MOSFET Driver SMD SOIC-87152.3500
LM2596T-ADJ/NOPBLM2596T-ADJ/NOPB Texas Instruments Regulator IC 1.2V 3A TO-220-5904.6000
2426CDRTLE2426CD Texas Instruments IC Voltage Reference Adjustable 2V->20V 20 mA 8-Pin SOIC300.6400
TL052CPTI TL052CP OP Amp Dual GP 15V 8-Pin PDIP20.2600
UC3854ADUNITRODE UC3854ADW IC Enhanced High Power Factor Preregulator 1.5A 200kHz SOIC-162,0674.0000
74LS365ANTexas Instruments 74LS365AN IC Buffers & Line Drivers1750.4500
TL084ACN.TI TL084ACN J-FET Amplifier 4 Circuit 14-PDIP00.5700
UC3844NUNITRODE / TI UC3844N Current Mode PWM Controller 1A 500kHz 8-Pin PDIP1,6001.5700
SN74BCT244NTexas Instruments SN74BCT244N IC Logic - Buffers, Drivers, and Transceivers Octal101.1400
TL317CDTexas Instruments TL317CD Adjustable Linear Voltage Regulator 1.2 to 32V 100mA SMD SOIC-85700.8600
PAL16R6-15CNTexas Instruments TIBPAL16R6-15CN Simple Programmable Logic Device SPLD 50 MHz PDIP-207982.8500
UC3854DWUNITRODE / TI UC3854DW Power Factor Correction Preregulator 1.5mA 118KHz 16-Pin SOIC1,6003.5000
SE556JSE556J Texas Instruments IC Standard Timer Dual 14-Pin CDIP945.0000
SN74HC541PWTexas Instruments SN74HC541PW Buffer/Line Driver 8-CH Non-Inverting 3-ST CMOS 20-TSSOP1,1000.3500
DM74ALS32MTI DM74ALS32M OR Gate Quad 2-IN Bipolar 8mA 5V 14-Pin SOIC1000.7500
UC3854ADWUC3854ADW UNITRODE SM Power Factor Regulator Ic.00.0000
74HC373DWTexas Instruments SN74HC373DW IC Latch Transparent 3-ST Octal D-Type 20-Pin1550.8500
SN74ALS86NTexas Instruments SN74ALS86N IC Quadruple 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate2451.1200
LM358PTexas Instruments LM358P IC General Purpose Amplifier 2 Circuit 8-PDIP4,4460.3900
CD74HC14ECD74HC14E Texas Instruments CMOS Hex Inverter 5.2mA, 2-6V DIP-141,0000.2400
SN74LVT125DTEXAS INSTRUMENTS SN74LVT125D Buffer, Quad, Non-Inverting, 3-State, 2.7V to 3.6V, SOIC-14410.6000
CD74HCT175ETexas-Instruments CD74HCT175E IC D-TYPE F-F QUAD HS 16-DIP130.1600
SN74LS08DSN74LS08D Texas Instruments AND Gate, 4 Gate, 2 Input, 8 mA, 4.75V to 5.25V, SOIC-148,7640.7000
CD4078BETexas Instruments CD4078BE IC OR/NOR Gate Single 8-IN CMOS 14-Pin150.2500
TMS2708JLTI TMS2708JL IC, EPROM, 1KX8, MOS, DIP, 24PIN1513.5000
74LS161ANTI 74LS161AN Counter, Up, 4 Bit Binary, 16 Pin, Plastic, DIP100.4800
75107BNTexas Instruments 75107BN IC Dual Line Receiver 30mA DIP-14200.9900
SN74HC245NTexas Instruments SN74HC245N IC Bus Transceivers Tri-State Octal Bus 2-6V 6mA100.7100
NM27C512Q200 Texas Instruments NM27C512Q20000.0000
UC2843ANTexas Instruments UC2843AN PWM Controller01.6000
LMC568CMTexas Instruments LMC568CM IC PLL Single Up to 0.5MHz 8-Pin SOIC52.8720
CD4077BFCD4077BF Texas Instruments Logic Gates CMOS Quad Exclusive-NOR Gate 14-CDIP55.5000
LM3900NLM3900N Texas Instruments IC Op-Amps Quad 2.5MHZ 14DIP950.7700
LP2995LQLP2995LQ IC DDR Terminator PMIC 16-WQFN01.6500
UCC3804D Texas Instruments UCC3804D, PWM Current Mode Controller, 1A, 1000 kHz 8-Pin SOIC2,5003.2500
ULN2004ADTexas Instruments ULN2004AD Darlington Transistor200.5800
ULQ2003ATDRQ1 Texas Instruments ULQ2003ATDRQ1 Darlington Transistor NPN 50V 0.5A SMD SOIC-168601.8200
MAX3232EIDWMAX3232EIDW Texas Instruments RS-232 Interface IC 3-5.5V MultiCh Line Driver/Receiver SOIC-161,0422.4000
PAL16R8-10CNTexas Instruments TIBPAL16R8-10CN IC PAL, IMPACT-X, 180mA 85MHz PDIP-201,7393.2500
LT1013DDTexas Instruments LT1013DD IC Dual Op-Amp 1MHz; 4/44VDC SOIC-8 RoHS8002.1500
TUSB2077APTTUSB2077APT Texas Instruments USB Interface IC 7-Port Hub W/Opt Ser EEPROM1084.3000
TIL198BTI TIL198B Dual-Channel Optocoupler/Optoisolator DIP-836.0000
SN74LVC541APWTexas Instruments SN74LVC541APW IC Buffer/Line Driver 8-CH Non-Inverting 3-ST CMOS 20-Pin TSSOP400.6200
PAL20R8ACNSMMI PAL20R8ACNS 24-pin TTL Programmable Array Logic503.7500
TMP275AIDGKRTexas Instruments TMP275AIDGKR IC Temperature Sensor, Digital, 2.7-5.5V MSOP, 8 Pins1,5002.7500
SN74LV4066APWRTexas Instruments SN74LV4066APWR IC Quad Analog Switch SPST 2V to 5.5V TSSOP-1412,0001.2500
TPS70158PWPG4Texas Instruments TPS70158PWPG4 LDO Regulator Pos 2.5V3.3V 0.5A/0.25A 20-Pin HTSSOP6305.3000
TPS77601PWPTexas Instruments TPS77601PWP LDO Regulator Pos 1.2V to 5.5V 0.5A 20-Pin HTSSOP EP Tube601.8000
TPS77601PWPRTexas Instruments TPS77601PWPR Positive LDO Voltage Regulator 1.2V to 5.5V 0.5A SMD HTSSOP-204,0001.8600
TPS72501DCQRTexas Instruments TPS72501DCQR LDO Voltage Regulator 1.2 to 5V 1A SMD SOT-2234993.0500
SN74LVTH125DTexas Instruments SN74LVTH125D IC Buffers & Line Drivers Tri-State 14SOICN300.6100
18S030NTI TBP18S030N PROM, Parallel, 256-Bit Density, 5V201.2000
SN74LS05NSN74LS05N Texas Instruments Buffers & Line Drivers700.9000
SN74LS14DTexas Instruments SN74LS14D Hex Schmitt Trigger Inverter, 1 Input, 8mA, 4.75V to 5.25V, SOIC-143,3030.6000
TPS77518PWPTexas Instruments TPS77518PWP LDO Voltage Regulator 1.8V 0.5A SMD HTSSOP-206002.7500
TPS3305-33DTI TPS3305-33D IC Processor Supervisor 4.55 Volt2.93 Volt 40uA 8-Pin SOIC502.0000
TS5A9411DCKRTexas Instruments TS5A9411DCKR Analog Switch 2.25-5.5V, 6-Pin SC-701,5000.6000
LM393D.Texas Instruments LM393D Low Power Voltage Comparator, Dual 36V 250nA 6mA SOIC-81500.3200
SN74LS393DTexas Instruments SN74LS393D ICs Dual 4-Bit Binary Counter SOIC-144200.5500
MSP430F1101AIPWRTexas Instruments MSP430F1101AIPWR IC Microcontroller 16-Bit MSP430 RISC 1KB Flash TSSOP-202,0002.8600
JM38510/31101BEATI JM38510/31101BEA IC 4-BIT MAGNITUDE COMPARATOR107.2000
SN74AHC1G14DBVRE4Texas Instruments SN74AHC1G14DBVRE4 Inverter Schmitt Trigger 1-Element CMOS 5-Pin SOT-236,0000.4000
MAX202CDTexas Instruments MAX202CD RS-232 Transceiver 5V 15mA SMD SOIC-16 RoHS2,5001.1000
74AC16244DLTexas Instruments 74AC16244DL1751.1000
SN74LVC32APWRTexas Instruments SN74LVC32APWR IC OR Gate 4-Element 2-Input 14-Pin TSSOP3,9950.3500
CD74HC164ETexas Instruments CD74HC164E Shift Register 8-Bit Serial to Parallel PDIP-14 RoHS5000.6000
74ALS30N74ALS30AN,TI NAND Gate Single 8-INPUT3700.4500
SN74S00DTexas Instruments SN74S00D IC Quad 2-input positive-NAND Gates, 2 Input, 16 mA, 4.75V-5.25V, SOIC-148662.5000
NE5532PTexas Instruments NE5532P IC OP AMP DUAL LOW-NOISE 8-SOP1600.6300
TLC274AIDTexas Instruments TLC274AID IC Quad Op Amp, 1.7MHz CMOS, 5 -15 V, 14-Pin SOIC1,7101.8500
UA9637ACDRTexas Instruments UA9637ACDR IC Differential RS-422 Line Receiver 4.75V-5.25V SOIC-81,5810.8500
SN74LV4051ADRTexas Instruments SN74LV4051ADR Multiplexer / Demultiplexer 8-Channel (1 X 8:1) SOIC-16 RoHS00.4500
SN74HC595DSN74HC595D Texas Instruments 8-stage, Shift Register, Serial to Serial/Parallel, 2V-6V, 16-Pin SOIC90.1200
TPS2051BDGNRTexas Instruments TPS2051BDGNR Power Distribution Switch 2.7V to 5.5V 0.5A HVSSOP-82,5001.5000
TLV2370IDBVRTexas Instruments TLV2370IDBVR Op-Amp 2.4 MHz, 1 Amplifier, 2 V/us, 2.7V to 16V, SOT-23, 6 Pins2,4001.4600
SN74LVC2G04DBVT Texas Instruments SN74LVC2G04DBVT IC Dual Inverter 1.65V-5.5V 6-Pin SOT-231,0000.8600
SN74LS123DTexas Instruments SN74LS123D IC Monostable Multivibrator Dual 16-Pin SOIC2500.1900
MC3403NTexas Instruments MC3403N Quad Low-Power Op-Amp PDIP-143,9990.7500
TL082CD.Texas Instruments TL082CD IC Op Amps JFET Input 5.6 mA 7V to 36V SOIC-81,0000.6500
TPS62290DRVTTPS62290DRVT Texas Instruments IC Step-Down Converter 2.3V-6V 1000mA WSON-63,2752.2500
74LS74ANTI 74LS74AN Flip Flop D-Type Pos-Edge 2-Element PDIP14250.5100
TL034CDRTexas Instruments TL034CDR IC Precision Amplifiers Quad Enhanced JFET 14-SOIC1001.4700
LM324ADRTexas Instruments LM324ADR Quad High Gain Op-Amps 32V SOIC-14 RoHS2,5000.3800
SNJ54LS04JSNJ54LS04J Texas Instruments Inverter 6-Element Bipolar 14-Pin CDIP1,2601.9500
TPS60140PWPTI TPS60140PWP Charge Pump STPUP 5V 100mA 20-Pin HTSSOP EP Tube2772.1000
TPS54620RGYRTexas Instruments TPS54620RGYR IC Converter Regulator 1.6V-17V 6A SMD VQFN-143,0035.8500
TPS54620RGYTTexas Instruments TPS54620RGYT IC BUCK SYNC ADJ 6A 14VQFN RoHS1055.0000
74F534DWTI 74F534DW D-TYPE FLIP FLOPS / SN74F534DW 20 SOIC2954.0000
TL431ACD..Texas Instruments TL431ACD IC Voltage References 2.5-36V ADJ 1-100mA SOIC-81,5000.4800
7438NSN7438N Texas Instruments NAND Buffer, 4 Gate, 2 Input, 48 mA, 4.75V to 5.25V, DIP-142,5751.5800
TL431CPKTexas Instruments TL431CPK IC V-Ref Adjustable 2.495V to 36V 100mA SOT-891,0000.3200
SN74HC4066PWRSN74HC4066PWR Texas Instruments Quad SPST Analog Switch SMD TSSOP-146,0000.4000
SN74HCT04PWRTexas Instruments SN74HCT04PWR Inverter Gate, 1 Input, 4 mA, 4.5V to 5.5V, TSSOP-143,9940.1900
TLC2252AIDRTexas Instruments TLC2252AIDR Operational Amplifier, 210 kHz, 2, 0.12 V/ s, 2.2V to 8V, SOIC-84801.6800
SN74LVT244BPWRTexas Instruments SN74LVT244BPWR IC 3.3-V ABT Octal Buffers/Drivers With 3-State Outputs TSSOP-201,5000.8600
NE5532ADTexas Instruments NE5532AD IC Dual Op-Amp 10 MHz 5-15V SOIC-82,2081.0000
TBP28S86NTI TBP28S86N Fuse-Programmable PROM 1K16411.8000
TL034CDTexas Instruments TL034CD IC Precision Amplifiers Enhanced HFET Low Power SOIC-146501.7800
JM38510/30609B2A Texas Instruments JM38510/30609B2A IC Shift Register Single 8-Bit Serial/Parallel to Serial 20-Pin LCCC Tube025.0000
OPA2349EA/250 Texas Instruments OPA2349EA/250 IC OP Amp Dual GP R-R I/O 5.5V 8-Pin SSOP04.2700
5962-8515507RA Texas Instruments 5962-8515507RA High Performance Impact PAL Circuits 20-Pin CDIP Tube024.0000
5962-85155042A Texas Instruments 5962-85155042A High Performance Impact PAL Circuits 20-Pin LCCC Tube048.0000
PCA9535RGERTexas Instruments PCA9535RGER Interface - I/O Expanders 16-Bit I2C & SMBus Lo-Pwr I/O Expander01.5600
TLV1543IDBTexas Instruments TLV1543IDB IC ADC 10-BIT SER 38KSPS 20-SSOP03.8000
74AC11244DW74AC11244DW Texas Instruments Buffers & Line Drivers Octal 24SOIC750.5400
74F245DWTexas Instruments 74F245DW Bus Transceiver 3-State SMD SOIC-2014,0000.5000
ADS8328IPWTexas Instruments ADS8328IPW IC ADC 16BIT 500KSPS 16TSSOP ROHS2312.6000
CD4078BMCD4078BM Texas Instruments NOR / OR Gate, 8 Input, 6.8 mA, 3V to 18V, SOIC-14100.0000
CD74HCT4053MCD74HCT4053M Texas Instruments IC High Speed CMOS Triple 2-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer300.1800
CD74HCT4538MCD74HCT4538M TI IC Monostable Multivibrator Dual 16-Pin SOIC300.3100
DAC7731ETexas Instruments DAC7731E Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) 16 Bit 150mW SMD SSOP-2414418.9900
DCP010505BP-UTI DCP010505BP-U IC ISO DC/DC CONV 5V/5V 7-SOP, RoHS20.0000
INA139NA/250Texas Instruments INA139NA/250 Current Monitor 2.7V to 40V 0.5% Input SMD SOT-23-5 RoHS461.8900
LM1085IT-12/NOPBNational Semiconductor NSC LM1085IT-12/NOPB LDO Voltage Regulator 3A 12V TO-22040.0000
LM285BXZ-2.5/NOPBNational Semiconductor LM285BXZ-2.5/NOPB Shunt Voltage Reference 2.5V 1.5% TO-922002.1500
LM324AD.Texas Instruments LM324AD IC OPAMP GP 1.2MHZ 14SOIC1150.2500
LM324AN.Texas Instruments LM324AN General Purpose Amplifier 4 Circuit 14-PDIP50.3300
LM340MPX-5.0/NOPBNational Semiconductor LM340MPX-5.0/NOPB Linear Positive Voltage Regulator 5V 2.4A SMD SOT-2232,0001.1500
LM567CM/NOPBTexas Instruments LM567CM/NOPB IC Tone Decoder 12mA 4.75V-9V SOIC-8701.7000
LM7915CT/NOPBTexas Instruments LM7915CT/NOPB Linear Voltage Regulator 1 Output 1.5A TO-220-3101.5000
LMC6044IMTexas Instruments LMC6044IM IC Quad CMOS Op-Amp 0.02 V/us, 4.5V to 15.5V SMD SOIC-14251.4900
MSP430F169IPMRTexas Instruments MSP430F169IPMR Microcontroller Unit 8 MHz 16-Bit SMD LQFP-64215.2600
MSP430F5437AIPNRTexas Instruments MSP430F5437AIPNR Micro Controller Unit 16-Bit RISC 256KB Flash 2.5V / 3.3V LQFP-80318.8900
OPA237NA/250OPA237NA/250 TI IC OP Amp Single GP 18V/36V 5-Pin SOT-231401.7000
OPA4343UATexas Instruments OPA4343UA IC Quad OP-Amp GP 50mA 5.5MHZ SMD SOIC-14564.5900
TPS62260DDCTTexas Instruments TPS62260DDCT IC Voltage Regulator 0.6 to 6V 600mA SMD SOT-23-52,0001.8900
JTX1N4474UNITRODE JTX1N4474 Zener Voltage Regulator Diode00.0000
SN74ABT16244DLTexas Instruments SN74ABT16244ADL IC QUAD 4-BIT DRIVER PDSO4807.0000
TLC77051DTEXAS INSTRUMENTS TLC7705ID IC Supervisory Circuit 2V-6Vin, SOIC-8471.8000
TL431CLPTexas Instruments TL431CLP IC Regulator Voltage References Adj Shunt00.7500
74F30NTexas Instruments SN74F30N NAND Logic Gate 8 Input, 20 mA, 4.5V to 5.5V, PDIP-145000.6000
74HC02DTI 74HC02D SN74HC02D IC QUAD 2-IN NOR GATE 14-SOIC3200.2500
LM2595S-5.0LM2595S-5.0 IC Switching Regulator 5V TO-263-500.0000
LM2901DTI LM2901D Comparator Quad 15V/30V 14-Pin SOIC00.6300
LM317T/NOPBLM317T/NOPB IC Texas Instruments IC Standard Regulator Pos 1.2V to 37V 1.5A 3-Pin01.0000
LM318PTexas Instruments LM318P IC High Speed OP Amp Single GP 20V 8-Pin01.3100
LM431BCM3X/NOPBLM431BCM3X/NOPB TI V-Ref Adjustable 2.495V to 37V 100mA 3-Pin SOT-2300.0000
LMV331M5Texas Instruments LMV331M5 IC Comparator Single 5V 5-Pin SOT23-59000.7000
SN74HC139DTexas Instruments SN74HC139D Decoder Demultiplexer Dual 2-to-4 16-Pin SOIC300.3400
TL317CLPTL317CLP Texas Instruments IC LDO Regulator Pos 1.2V to 32V 0.1A 3-Pin TO-92890.4000
TPS3619-33DGKRTPS3619-33DGKR Processor Supervisor 2.93V 40uA 8-VSSOP00.0000
UC1846J/883BUC1846J/883B Current Mode PWM Controller 500mA 16P532.2500
USD645CUnitrode USD645C Schottky Rectifier 45V 6A TO-220AB151.5000
TLO40CDTexas Instruments TL040CD IC 2 CHANNEL, VIDEO AMPLIFIER3951.6000
SNJ54LS74AWSNJ54LS74AW Texas Instruments Dual D-Type Flip Flop Pos-Edge Trigger 14-Pin CFPAK013.5000
TLV2464AIDG4Texas Instruments TLV2464AIDG4 IC Quad Op-Amp 2.7V-6V 2.6mA SMD SOIC-145502.7500
74AS244NTexas Instruments SN74AS244N IC Octal Buffers And Line Drivers With 3-State Outputs DIP-204650.2600
74ALS112ANTI SN74ALS112AN 74ALS112AN IC Dual Neg-Edge-Trig DIP16250.6500
TL084CNTL084CN Texas Instruments J-FET Amplifier 4 Circuit 14-PDIP00.0000
SNJ54LS00JSNJ54LS00J Texas Instruments Logic Gates Quadruple 2-Input Positive-NAND Gates 14-CDIP00.0000
74HCT373NTI 74HCT373N SN74HC373N IC Flip Flop Logic00.0000
TPIC1021DRTexas Instruments TPIC1021DR LIN PHY INTERFACE 20KBAUD 27V SOIC82,4691.2400
TPS77633PWPTI TPS77633PWP Reg LDO Lin Fix Pos 3.3V 0.5A 20-HTSSOP02.0000
UC2875DWPTI UC2875DWP Phase Shift Resonant Controller 1MHz 28-Pin SOIC167.1000
SN74AHC1G125DCKRSN74AHC1G125DCKR Texas Instruments Buffer & Line Driver00.0000
TL082ACDTL082ACD Texas Instruments Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Dual GP00.1100
CD74ACT138MTexas Instruments CD74ACT138M IC Multiplexers & Demultiplexers Encoders, Line Decoder1250.2400
UC2854ADWTexas Instruments UC2854ADW IC Power Factor Preregulator 16 Pin371.1500
75153NTexas Instruments SN75153N IC Differential Driver-Transmitter205.0000
TL1451ACNTexas Instruments TL1451ACN PWM Controller Circuit, 2 outputs, 3.6V-50V supply, 50V/20mA out, 500 kHz, DIP-16401.3400
SN74LVC08ADTexas Instruments SN74LVC08AD IC AND Quad 2 Input AND, 1.65 → 3.6 V, 14-Pin SOIC500.1200
TLC272AIDTI TLC272AID OP Amp Dual GP 16V 8-Pin SOIC70.2600
CD40106BMCD40106BM Texas Instruments Inverter Schmitt Trigger 6-Element CMOS 14-Pin500.4000
SN74HCT541PWRTexas Instruments SN74HCT541PWR IC Non-Inverting Octal Buffer 3-State TSSOP-202000.5600
TL7705ACDTexas Instruments TL7705ACD IC 4.55V SUPPLY MONITOR 8-SOIC300.6400
TL064ACDTI TL064ACD IC OP Amp Quad GP 18V 14-Pin SOIC300.5400
TL054CNTexas Instruments TL054CN IC Quad Op-Amp 8.4mA 2.7MHZ DIP-146002.2500
TMS3705A1DRG4Texas Instruments TMS3705A1DRG4 RFID Transponder 8mA 5.5V SMD SOIC-1608.3800
SN74CBTLV3126PWRSN74CBTLV3126PWR Texas Instruments Digital Bus Switch ICs Low Voltage Quad FET 14-TSSOP00.0000
TPS3809K33DBVRTPS3809K33DBVR TI IC 2.93V Supply Voltage Supervisor 3-Pin SOT-23-33,0050.6600
UC3902NTexas Instruments UC3902N IC Load Share Controller 6 mA 2.7V-20V 8-Dip3,0275.8700
UC3844PTI UC3844P Current Mode PWM Controller 1A 8-Pin1000.2700
UC3525ADWUnitrode UC3525ADW IC Voltage PWM Controller 35V 0.4A SMD SOIC-162,5002.1000
NE592NNE592N Texas Instruments IC Video Amplifier, Bipolar, PDIP14160.5500
BQ29330DBTRBQ29330DBTR Texas Instruments IC Battery Management 2-3-4 Cell Lithium Protection AFE16,0000.5800
PCM3168APAPTexas Instruments PCM3168APAP Audio Codec 24 BIT, 192KHZ, HTQFP-643010.2500
OPA343NA/3KTexas Instruments OPA343NA/3K IC OP Amp Single GP R-R I/O 5V 5-Pin SOT-23 T/R1,0001.6500
REF02AUREF02AU Texas Instruments Voltage References +5V Precision Voltage Reference154.6000
LP2951DRLP2951DR Texas Instruments LDO Voltage Regulator 30V, 100mA Micropower Voltage Regulators with Shutdown00.0000
TS5A22362DGSRTS5A22362DGSR, TI, Analog Switch Dual SPDT 10-Pin VSSOP T/R00.0000
LMC555CMX/NOPBLMC555CMX/NOPB Texas Instruments CMOS TIMER 3MHZ SMD SOIC-810,0000.6500
PTH04T230WAZTexas Instruments PTH04T230WAZ DC / DC Converter 3.6V 6A SMD2617.1800
LM293D.LM293D TEXAS INSTRUMENTS IC Comparator Dual 18V/36V 8-Pin1000.4900
LM324PWRLM324PWR Texas Instruments Operational Amplifier, QUAD, 1.2 MHz, 1.5V to 16V, 14 TSSOP2,0000.2600
TPS73401DRVRTPS73401DRVR Texas Instruments IC LDO REGULATOR POS 1.25V-6.2V 0.25A 6-WSON00.9700
TPS40052PWPTexas Instruments TPS40052PWP IC Single-OUT Sync Buck 10V to 40V Input 16-Pin HTSSOP2,0004.5600
TMS320VC5416PGE160Texas Instruments TMS320VC5416PGE160 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) 16 Bit RAM 256kB MEM 32kBLQFP-144 RoHS24042.9900
74HC574DTexas Instruments 74HC574D Flip Flop D-Type Bus Interface 20-Pin140.8000
TRS3243EIRHBRTexas Instruments TRS3243EIRHBR IC DVR/RCVR RS232 ESD 32QFN00.0000
MSP430F67471IPZRMSP430F67471IPZR TI IC MCU 16BIT 256KB FLASH 100LQFP RoHS00.0000
TPS79801QDGNRQ1TPS79801QDGNRQ1 Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 1 Output 50mA 8-MSOP-PowerPad00.0000
TPS51916RUKRTexas Instruments TPS51916RUKR IC Complete Power Supply 20-Pin WQFN00.0000
CSD13201W10CSD13201W10 TI MOSFET N-CH 12V 1.6A 4DSBGA RoHS00.0000
OPA353UATexas Instruments OPA353UA IC Operational Amplifier03.0200
UCC2809D-2Texas Instruments UCC2809D-2 Secondary Side PWM Cntrlr ECO PRIM 1MHz 8-Pin SOIC Tube RoHS1061.6000
TS5A3159MDBVREPTexas Instruments TS5A3159MDBVREP Analog Switch 1 Circuit IC 2:1 1.1 Ohm SOT-23-611.6600
SN74CBTLV3125PWRTexas Instruments SN74CBTLV3125PWR Bus Switch 4-Element CMOS 4-IN 14-Pin TSSOP00.9000
CD74HCT563ETI CD74HCT563E Latch Transparent 3-ST Octal D-Type00.0000
74S124NTI 74S124N IC OSC DUAL VCO 60MHZ 14-PIN DIP NOS51.6500
75123NTexas Instruments SN75123, Dual Line Driver 5.25 V 60 mA PDIP-16411.4900
ULN2003AIDRULN2003AIDR Texas Instruments Transistor Darlington NPN 50V 0.5A 16-Pin9,7700.6000
SN74HC14PWTexas Instruments SN74HC14PW IC Inverter Gate 1 Input 5.2 mA 2V-6V TSSOP-144,0000.3800
SN74LVC245APWRTexas Instruments SN74LVC245APWR IC Bus Transceiver Tri-State Octal Bus 1.65-3.6V TSSOP-206,0000.4000
SN74AHC595PWRTexas Instruments SN74AHC595PWR IC 8-Bit Shift With 3-State Output Register 2-5.5V 16-TSSOP6,0000.5000
TMS320DM648ZUT9TMS320DM648ZUT9 Texas Instruments DSP Fixed-Point 32-Bit 900MHz 7200MIPS 529-Pin FCBGA27091.0000
TPS61041DBVRTexas Instruments TPS61041DBVR LED Lighting Driver 1.8V to 6V 250mA SOT-23-52,4161.4600
MSP430F149IPMTexas Instruments MSP430F149IPM RISC 60KB Flash 2.5V/3.3V 64-Pin LQFP010.0000
TL431IDBZRTexas Instruments TL431IDBZR Adjustable Voltage Reference 2.495V to 36V 100mA SMD SOT-2321,1000.4800
PAL16L8-15CFNTexas Instruments PAL16L8 15CFN IC Programmable 4.5-4.5V 20Pin PLCC-202,3052.5000
TPS3825-33DBVTTI TPS3825-33DBVT IC Supervisory Circuits 2.93V Monitor2501.7500
TPS715A01DRBTTPS715A01DRBT Texas Instruments LDO Voltage Regulators 80-mA Output Adj 8SON2501.7000
TUSB1310AZAYRTexas Instruments TUSB1310AZAYR USB 3.0 Interface nFBGA-1751112.3600
TLC7701IPWTexas Instruments TLC7701IPW IC Voltage Supervisor 1.1V TSSOP-83201.8500
SN65HVD3082EDTexas Instruments SN65HVD3082ED IC Single Transmitter/Receiver RS-485 8-Pin SOIC1,2002.5000
SN74LVC543APWRSN74LVC543APWR Texas Instruments IC Octal Registered Transceiver With 3-State Outputs TSSOP-241,7501.2500
UC3844D8Unitrode UC3844D8 PWM Controller 10V~30V 450kHz 1A SMD SOIC-85001.4000
ADS1253EADS1253E TI IC, 24BIT ADC, SMD, 1253, SSOP16 RoHS016.8000
SN74ACT245NTexas Instruments SN74ACT245N TTL Bus Transceiver 8 Channels CMOS 3-State PDIP-8 RoHS1,5000.8600
SN74HC04DRTexas Instruments SN74HC04DR IC Inverter 6-Element CMOS 5.2mA 2 - 6 V 14-Pin SOIC1,2400.5200
UCC2803DTexas Instruments UCC2803D Current Mode PWM Controller 5V 1A SOIC-8 RoHS1,0003.0200
ADS1258IRTCTG4ADS1258IRTCTG4 TI IC ADC 24BIT 23.74K/125K 48-VQFN RoHS016.2800
SN74HC373DBRSN74HC373DBR Texas Instruments IC Latch 3-State D-Type 20-Pin2940.5500
ADS1258IRTCRG4ADS1258IRTCRG4 TI IC ADC 24BIT 23.74K/125K 48-VQFN RoHS013.5000
SN74AHCT244PWSN74AHCT244PW, TI, Buffer/Line Driver 8-CH Non-Inverting 3-ST CMOS 20-Pin TSSOP Tube00.1500
UC3902DTexas Instruments UC3902D Controller -0.3V to 20V 8-Pin2,5871.2000
SN74LV245ADWTexas Instruments SN74LV245ADW IC Octal Bus Transciver 3-State 8BIT 20SOIC8000.6000
VT7154-25QLVLSI Technology VT7154-25QL CACHE TAG RAM SMD PLCC-287923.0000
74ALS240NTexas Instruments 74ALS240N Tri-State Octal Buffer / Line Driver DIP-206000.7000
TL431CDTexas Instruments TL431CD Shunt Adjustable Voltage Reference 36V 2% SMD SOIC-85750.4000
3702CPWLETexas Instruments TLC3702CPWLE Analog Comparator 2 Channel 1W SMD TSSOP-85001.7500
UC3842UNITRODE UC3842AN IC PWM Current Controller 1A PDIP-82,4301.6000
SN74HCT04DRTexas Instruments SN74HCT04DR CMOS Hex Inverter 4mA, 4.5-5.5 V, 14-Pin SOIC2,5000.5000
SN75174NTI SN75174N Line Transmitter 4TX 16-Pin PDIP102.0000
SN74ALS04DTexas Instruments SN74ALS04BD IC HEX INVERTER 14-SOIC1000.7500
SN74LV4052ADTEXAS INSTRUMENTS SN74LV4052AD IC Multiplexer Switch ICs Dual 4Ch Analog300.5200
LM339N.NSC LM339-N IC QUAD DIFF COMPARATOR 2-30V 20mA 14-DIP2000.1500
LM4040AIM3-2.5/NOPBTexas Instruments LM4040AIM3-2.5/NOPB IC REF PREC VOLT MICROPWR 2.5V 0.1% SOT-2301.5800
MSP430FG4618IPZRTexas Instruments MSP430FG4618IPZR MCU 16-bit Microcontrollers016.3100
SN74LVTH16244ADGGRTexas Instruments SN74LVTH16244ADGGR Buffer / Line Driver 16 Input 3 Output TSSOP-4813,7351.3900
TMS320F206PZTMS320F206PZ TI IC FIXED POINT MCU -DSP 16 BIT 20.48MHZ TQFP-100045.3800
SN74157NTexas Instruments SN74157N IC Quad Decoder / Demultiplexer 2 IN 1 OUT DIP-16250.7500
TL431AILPTexas Instruments TL431AILP Shunt Voltage Reference IC 36V 1% 100mA TO-92-300.4000
TL431IDBVRTexas Instruments TL431IDBVR IC V-Ref Adjustable 2.495V to 36V 100mA 5-Pin1000.4400
28S42JTexas Instruments TBP28C42J IC PROM 512x8 Bi-Polar07.5000
74LS645-1NTexas Instruments / TI 74LS645-1N IC Bus Transceiver Single 8-Channel 3-Straight 20-Pin PDIP513.5000
TL7705ACPTI TL7705ACP IC Volt Supervisor Supply 4.55V 8-Pin3000.6500
74HC32NTI 74HC32N Logic Gate; Quadruple 2-Input Positive 0-5V3000.6500
SN74HC244DWSN74HC244DW Texas Instruments Buffer/Line Driver 8-CH Non-Inverting 3-ST CMOS 20-Pin SOIC500.5900
JM38510/00803BCATexas Instruments JM38510/00803BCA IC Buffer/Driver050.0000
MSP430F1232IPWTexas Instruments MSP430F1232IPW 16-Bit MCU MSP430 8KB Flash 2.5V / 3.3V TSSOP-28 RoHS454.7500
ADS5474IPFPTexas Instruments ADS5474IPFP IC Analog to Digital Converters - ADC 14B 400 MSPS0282.8500
TL431AILPRTexas Instruments TL431AILPR IC V-Ref Adjustable 2.495V-36V 100mA 3-Pin56,4000.3900
74LS259BTexas Instruments 74LS259B Octal Addressable Latch 4.75V-5.25V SIPO SOIC-16301.1500
SN74HC148NTI SN74HC148N Encoder 8-to-3 Priority CMOS 16-Pin00.4500
PTB48560AAHPTB48560AAH Texas Instruments Module 3.6V to 5.5V 6A 30W 11-Pin00.0000
UC3825NUC3825N TI Current Mode PWM Controller 1.5A 16-Pin PDIP RoHS3602.7500
74HC14DTI 74HC14D SN74HC14 IC Hex Schmitt-Trigger Inverters DIP14300.3500
74HC14NTI 74HC14N SN74HC14N IC Schmitt Trigger, 1 Input, 5.2 mA, 2V to 6V, DIP-14410.5400
AM26LS32ACDTexas Instruments AM26LS32ACD IC RS-422 Interface IC Quad Diff200.4900
SN74LS07NTI SN74LS07N Texas Instruments Hex Buffers & Line Driver350.2700
LM2575T5.0/LF03LM2575T-5.0/LF03 Texas Instruments Converter DC-DC 4V->40V Out 5V 1A 5-Pin00.0000
TPS62140RGTRTPS62140RGTR Texas Instruments DC-DC Converter 0.9V-6V 2A 16-Pin62.3300
TL783CKCTI TL783CKC IC Voltage Regulator 750mA 1.25-125V 3 Pin TO22001.0800
74F32SCNational Semiconductor 74F32SC IC QUAD 2-INPUT OR GATE550.2000
TPS51206DSQRTPS51206DSQR Texas Instruments LDO Regulator 0.5V-0.9V 2A 10-Pin01.8500
TPS2080DTexas Instruments TPS2080D IC Current Limit Switch 2-Input 2-Output, 0.5A, 8-Pin, SOIC3752.1000
LM339N-TITexas Instruments LM339N IC Analog Comparator, Quad 2.5mA 14 PIN00.0000
TPS22960DCNRTPS22960DCNR Texas Instruments Power Switch 0.5A 8-Pin SOT-2300.2970
TLC549CDRTI TLC549CDR IC ADC Single SAR 40KSPS 8-Bit Serial501.8000
TPS60150DRVRTPS60150DRVR Texas Instruments IC Regulator 150mA,5V 140mA 6-Pin WSON00.5940
INA105KU/2K5INA105KU/2K5 Texas Instruments IC SP Amp DIFF AMP Single 18V 8-Pin SOIC07.1900
LP2954IT/NOPBLP2954IT/NOPB Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 5V 0.25A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-22002.6700
TPS65381QDAPRQ1TPS65381QDAPRQ1 Texas Instruments Microcontroller MCU 4.2V 32-Pin HTSSOP06.2900
IC1071TI 74S240N SN74S240N Buffer/Line Driver Octal Inverting 20-Pin PDIP1141.2300
74LS14NNSC 74LS14N Inverters Hex Schmitt-Trigger 5.25 V 5.25 V PDIP-141380.0900
OPA2131UATEXAS INSTRUMENTS OPA2131UA IC Op Am, Dual, 4 MHz, 4.5V to 18V, 8SOIC3103.4000
78L05ACMTI 78L05ACDM IC Positive Regulator 5V 100mA250.5300
UA78L05AIDRTI UA78L05AIDR Regulator Standard Lin Fix Pos 5V 0.1A00.2400
TPS54319RTERTPS54319RTER Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC 2.95V to 6V Step Down Single-Out 0.8V to 4.5V 3A 16-Pin WQFN EP02.1200
SN74LV14APWSN74LV14APW Texas Instruments IC Inverters Hex Schmitt-Trigger00.4200
SN74LV14APWRTI SN74LV14APWR Inverter Schmitt Trigger 6-Element CMOS 14-Pin TSSOP00.3500
SN74LVC257APWRSN74LVC257APWR TI Multiplexer 1-Element CMOS 3-ST 8-IN 16-Pin TSSOP00.5500
DS34C87TMX/NOPBDS34C87TMX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC Quad Transmitter RS-422 16-Pin SOIC01.4800
MSP430F5342IRGZMSP430F5342IRGZ Texas Instruments Microcontroller 16BIT, 25MHZ, VQFN-4807.4100
TCA6424ARGJRTCA6424ARGJR Texas Instruments Interface - I/O Expanders 24B I2C and SMBus 400KHZ, QFN-3203.0640
TPS24750RUVTTPS24750RUVT Texas Instruments Hot Swap Voltage Controller 12A 2.5V-18V, VQFN-3605.8480
SN75452BDTI SN75452BD IC Low-Side Gate Driver IC Non-Inverting 8-SOIC1150.2100
LM3485MM/NOPBLM3485MM/NOPB Texas Instruments DC DC Controler Single-OUT Buck 4.5V to 35V Input 8-Pin01.5400
LMD18200T/NOPBLMD18200T/NOPB Texas Instruments H-Bridge DC Motor Driver 3A, 55V 11-Pin017.0000
ISO7220BDRISO7220BDR Texas Instruments Digital Isolator 2.5KV 8-Pin SOIC02.9000
OPA4171AIPWROPA4171AIPWR Texas Instruments Op Amps 36V 14-Pin01.4500
OP07CDROP07CDR Texas Instruments Op-Amp 600kHz 3-18VDC, Channels:1, SO800.7400
SN74ACT244DWRSN74ACT244DWR Texas Instruments Buffer/Line Driver 8-CH Non-Inverting 3-ST CMOS 20-Pin00.8900
SN74LVC2T45DCTRSN74LVC2T45DCTR Texas Instruments IC Voltage Level Translator 8-Pin SSOP00.0000
SN74AVC1T45YZPRSN74AVC1T45YZPR Texas Instruments Voltage Level Translator 1.2V/3.6V 12mA 6-Pin DSBGA2,0000.6200
LP2985AIM5-2.0/NOPBLP2985AIM5-2.0/NOPB Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 2V 0.15A 5-Pin SOT-2300.3700
INA197AIDBVTINA197AIDBVT Texas Instruments SP Amp Current Shunt Monitor Single 18V 5-Pin SOT-23 T/R00.0000
CSD17309Q3CSD17309Q3 Texas Instruments Transistor MOSFET N-CH 30V 20A 8-Pin RoHS01.1400
TPA6111A2DRTPA6111A2DR Texas Instruments IC 150MW STEREO AMPLIFIER 8-SOIC400.0000
LDC0851HDSGTLDC0851HDSGT Texas Instruments Proximity Sensor Inductive 1.71V to 3.46V 8-Pin WSON01.1000
OPA1013CN8OPA1013CN8 Texas Instruments IC, OP-AMP, 600KHZ, 0.35V/ us, DIP-801.1000
AM3356BZCZD60AM3356BZCZD60 Texas Instruments Microprocessors - MPU ARM Cortex-A8 MPU018.1700
SN65HVD11DRSN65HVD11DR Texas Instruments IC RS-485 3.3V Differential Transceivers SOIC-803.1200
MAX3232CDRMAX3232CDR Texas Instruments RS-232 Interface IC 3-5.5V Mult-Ch RS23200.0000
REF5050AIDG4REF5050AIDG4 Texas Instruments V-Ref Precision 5V 10mA 8-Pin05.0880
TPS2105DBVTTPS2105DBVT Texas Instruments Power Mux 2.7V to 5.5V 0.5A SOT-2302.7400
REF5050AIDREF5050AID Texas Instruments V-Ref Precision 5V 10mA 8-Pin SOIC Tube04.0000
TPS2105DBVRTPS2105DBVR Texas Instruments Power Switch ICs 2.7V to 5.5V 0.5A 5-Pin02.7400
SN65HVD33DRSN65HVD33DR Texas Instruments IC RS422/RS485 TRANSCEIVER, 3.6V SOIC-1402.4400
LM567CMX/NOPBLM567CMX/NOPB, NS (TI) Telecom IC Tone Decoder 8-SOIC00.7500
SN74154NSN74154N Texas Instruments IC Decoder / Demultiplexer 2V 34mA PDIP-2400.0000
ADS1258IRTCRADS1258IRTCR Texas Instruments 16-Channel Single ADC 24-bit Serial 48-Pin012.7200
74LS47DTI SN74LS47D 74LS47D Texas Instruments IC BCD TO 7-SEG DECODER 16-SOIC00.0000
TIBPAL22V10-20MJTBTIBPAL22V10-20MJTB Texas Instruments Programmable Array Logic Circuits 24-CDIP00.0000
TPA2017D2RTJTTPA2017D2RTJT Texas Instruments Audio Amp Speaker 2-CH Stereo 2.8W Class-D 20-Pin WQFN EP00.0000
OPA2132UA/2K5OPA2132UA/2K5 Texas Instruments IC OP Amp Dual GP 18V 8-Pin SOIC010.5900
UCC3583DUCC3583D Texas Instruments IC Controller Secondary 3mA 8.9V to 14V 14-SOICN06.3100
OPA2132U/2K5OPA2132U/2K5 TI IC OPAMP GP 8MHZ 8SOIC RoHS09.4300
SN74LVC1G14DCKRSN74LVC1G14DCKR Texas Instruments Inverters Single Schmitt Trigger 32mA 5.5V SMD SC-70-500.4100
SN65HVD08DRSN65HVD08DR Texas Instruments Single Transmitter/Receiver RS-485 8-Pin04.1100
LMK00304SQX/NOPBLMK00304SQX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC Clock Buffer/Translator 32-Pin07.1700
LMK00304SQ/NOPBLMK00304SQ/NOPB Texas Instruments IC 3-GHz 4-Output Differential Clock Buffer07.1700
LM1117IMPX-3.3/NOPBLM1117IMPX-3.3/NOPB TI IC Reg LDO Lin Fix Pos 3.3V 0.8A 4-Pin (3+Tab) SOT-223 RoHS00.0000
LM3S1918-IQC50-A2LM3S1918-IQC50-A2 Texas Instruments MCU ARM Microcontroller014.6300
SN65HVD1780DRSN65HVD1780DR Texas Instruments IC Single Transmitter/Receiver RS-485 8-Pin SOIC02.0900
TPS2066CDGNTPS2066CDGN Texas Instruments IC USB Power SW DIST Dual 5.5V 1.61A 8-Pin HVSSOP01.1200
TPS54531DDARTPS54531DDAR Texas Instruments Converter DC-DC 3.5V to 28V 5A 8-Pin01.8700
SN74LVC245APWSN74LVC245APW Texas Instruments Transceiver, Non-Inverting, 1.65V to 3.6V, TSSOP-2000.0000
LM2676S-ADJ/NOPBLM2676S-ADJ/NOPB Texas Instruments IC Conv DC-DC Step Down 3A TO-26304.7600
XTR117AIDRBTXTR117AIDRBT Texas Instruments IC Current-Loop Transmitter 8-Pin VSON02.9700
SN74LVC07APWRG4SN74LVC07APWRG4 Texas Instruments Buffers & Line Driver 24mA 5.5V TSSOP-1400.4000
SN74LVC07ADRSN74LVC07ADR Texas Instruments Buffer/Driver 6-CH Non-Inverting Open Drain CMOS 14-Pin00.4000
CD4011BECD4011BE Texas Instruments NAND Gate 4-Element 2-IN CMOS 14-Pin PDIP00.4700
CD4504BECD4504BE Texas Instruments IC Voltage Level Shifter CMOS/TTL to CMOS 16-Pin PDIP00.5500
SN74LS02NSN74LS02N Texas Instruments NOR Gate 4-Element 2-IN Bipolar 14-Pin PDIP00.6200
SN74LS06NSN74LS06N Texas Instruments Buffer/Driver 6-CH Inverting Open Collector Bipolar 14-Pin SOP00.8600
SN74LS10NSN74LS10N Texas Instruments NAND Gate 3-Element 3-IN Bipolar 14-Pin PDIP00.7600
SN74LS138NSN74LS138N Texas Instruments Decoder/Demultiplexer Single 3-to-8 16-Pin PDIP00.8000
SN74LS240NSN74LS240N Texas Instruments Buffer/Line Driver 8-CH Inverting 3-ST Bipolar 20-Pin PDIP00.8200
SN74LS73ANSN74LS73AN Texas Instruments Flip Flop JK-Master-Slave Type Neg-Edge 2-Element 14-Pin PDIP01.9100
LM2576T-5.0/NOPBLM2576T-5.0/NOPB Texas Instruments IC REG BUCK 5V 3A TO220-502.6800
LM2576T-ADJ/NOPBLM2576T-ADJ/NOPB Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC 4V-40V 3A TO-22002.6700
SN74LS75NSN74LS75N Texas Instruments Latch Transparent 4-CH D-Type 16-Pin PDIP02.0600
MSP430F155IPMRMSP430F155IPMR Texas Instruments IC 16-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 16kB Flash 512B RAM 12-Bit ADC/Dual DAC011.7500
CD14538BECD14538BE Texas Instruments Monostable Multivibrator Dual 16-Pin PDIP00.0000
SN74LVC14APWRSN74LVC14APWR Texas Instruments Inverters Hex Schmitt-Trigger3000.0000
SN74LS74ANSN74LS74AN Texas Instruments IC DUAL D-TYPE FLIP-FLOP 14-DIP00.0000
UC3845NUNITRODE 3845N UC3845N Current Mode PWM Controller 1A 8-Pin PDIP10.0000
TPS549D22RVFTTPS549D22RVFT Texas Instruments IC Regulator 1.5V-16V Input, 40A 40-LQFN010.6000
CD4069UBF3ACD4069UBF3A Texas Instruments Inverter 6-Element CMOS 14-Pin CDIP00.0000
TPS53513RVERTPS53513RVER Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 1.5V-18V 8-A 28-VQFN05.7200
TPS51285ARUKTTPS51285ARUKT Texas Instruments Dual Synchronous, Step-Down Controller 5V-3.3V 20-WQFN00.0000
LMZ21701SILTLMZ21701SILT TI IC CONV DC-DC 1-OUT 0.9V to 6V 1A 8-Pin uSIP04.7900
ADC128S102CIMTX/NOPBADC128S102CIMTX/NOPB Texas Instruments Octal Channel Single ADC SAR 1Msps 12-bit Serial 16TSSOP06.7000
TPS548A20RVETTPS548A20RVET Texas Instruments IC Conv DC-DC Single Step Down 1.5V to 20V 25-VQFN00.0000
LMK01000ISQE/NOPBLMK01000ISQE/NOPB Texas Instruments Clock Buffer 2:8 1.6GHZ 48LLP00.0000
BQ24770RUYRBQ24770RUYR Texas Instruments Battery Charge Controller Li-Ion/Li-Pol 8000mA 28-WQFN04.1000
SN74AUP1G08DCKRSN74AUP1G08DCKR Texas Instruments AND Gate 1-Element 2-IN CMOS SC-7000.0000
LM5576QMHX/NOPBLM5576QMHX/NOPB Texas Instruments Switching Regulator 75V, 3A 20ETSSOP08.0900
TCA9543APWRTCA9543APWR Texas Instruments Bus Switch 14-Pin TSSOP01.2300
TPS54428DDARTPS54428DDAR Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC 4.5-18Vin,4A 8HSOP01.8700
TLV62130ARGTRTLV62130ARGTR Texas Instruments Switching Voltage Regulator 4-17V 3A 16QFN00.0000
TPS51200DRCRTPS51200DRCR Texas Instruments LDO Regulator -0.3V to 6V 3A 10-VSON00.8500
CD74HCT573M96CD74HCT573M96 Texas Instruments Latches Tri-St Octal D-Type 20-SOIC00.0000
SN74AHC1G08DCKRSN74AHC1G08DCKR Texas Instruments Logic Gates Single 2-Input SC-70-500.4100
UCC28180DUCC28180D Texas Instruments IC Power Factor Correction 0.075mA 8SOIC01.5000
INA114AU/1KINA114AU/1K Texas Instruments SP Amp INSTR Amp Single 18V 16-Pin SOIC310.0000
LM26CIM5-TPA/NOPBLM26CIM5-TPA/NOPB Texas Instruments Thermostat Digital 2.7V-5.5V 16mA SOT-23-501.2700
TPS51117RGYTTPS51117RGYT Texas Instruments IC DC DC Controler Single-OUT Sync Step Down 14VQFN03.1000
TPS53355DQPRTPS53355DQPR Texas Instruments DC DC Converter 22-SON07.7100
LM224ADRLM224ADR Texas Instruments IC Differential Comparator 2-36VD SO1400.3700
LM239DRLM239DR Texas Instruments Quad Comparator, Open Collector O/P, 1.3us 5 - 28 V 14-SOIC00.3700
UA7812CKCSUA7812CKCS Texas Instruments Standard Regulator Pos 12V 1.5A TO-22000.8200
LM7301IM5X/NOPBLM7301IM5X/NOPB Texas Instruments IC Op Amp 4Mhz 16V/32V SOT-23-502.2000
REF102AUREF102AU Texas Instruments V-Ref Precision 10V 10mA 8-Pin SOIC04.3800
LMP2011MA/NOPBLMP2011MA/NOPB Texas Instruments IC, OP-AMP, 3MHZ, 4V/ us, SOIC-802.8500
SN65HVD232DRSN65HVD232DR Texas Instruments CAN 1Mbps 3.3V Industrial 8-Pin01.8500
DRV8412DDWRDRV8412DDWR Texas Instruments IC Dual Driver 50V 44-Pin HTSSOP07.1700
SN74LVC8T245PWRSN74LVC8T245PWR Texas Instruments Voltage Level Translator 8-Bit 24TSSOP00.9700
TLV2462CDRTLV2462CDR Texas Instruments OP Amp Dual GP 3V/6V 8SOIC02.2000
LM22672MRE-5.0/NOPBLM22672MRE-5.0/NOPB Texas Instruments Switching Voltage Regulators 1A 42V PSOP804.3800
LM4040D50IDCKRLM4040D50IDCKR Texas Instruments V-Ref Precision 5V 15mA 5-Pin SC-7000.7400
PCA9306DCURPCA9306DCUR Texas Instruments I2C-Bus Translator 8VSSOP00.6000
SN74CBT3126PWRSN74CBT3126PWR Texas Instruments Bus Switch 4-Element CMOS 4-IN 14TSSOP00.5500
AM26C32CDAM26C32CD Texas Instruments RS-422 Interface IC Quad BiCMOS Low Power00.0000
TMS320VC5509APGETMS320VC5509APGE Texas Instruments DSP Fixed-Point 32bit 200MHz 400MIPS 144-Pin LQFP030.0000
PCA9306DCURG4PCA9306DCURG4 Texas Instruments 2-Bit Bidirectional I2C Bus and SMBus Voltage-Level Shifter 8VSSOP00.6100
LM2901PWRLM2901PWR Texas Instruments Comparator Quad 15V/30V 14-TSSOP00.3900
SN74LVC1G04DCKRSN74LVC1G04DCKR Texas Instruments Inverter 5 Input, 32 mA, 1.65 V to 5.5 V, SC-70-51000.0000
CSD17527Q5ACSD17527Q5A Texas Instruments MOSFET N-CH 30V 13A 8-SON01.0000
74F10N-TITI 74F10N IC 74F10N Triple three input NAND gates 14-DIP package00.2200
LM2676SX-5.0/NOPBLM2676SX-5.0/NOPB TI Conv DC-DC Single-OUT Step Down 8-Pin (7+Tab)00.0000
JM38510/05152BEAJM38510/05152BEA Texas Instruments Flip Flop Pos-Edge 2-Element 16CDIP00.0000
8406201EA8406201EA Texas Instruments IC Decoder/Demultiplexer 16-CDIP00.0000
SN75C1154NSN75C1154N Texas Instruments RS-232 Interface IC Quad RS232 20-DIP51.2500
TPS79901DDCRTPS79901DDCR Texas Instruments LDO Voltage Regulator 200mA 5-Pin TSOT-2300.8000
SN74LV04ADRSN74LV04ADR Texas Instruments Inverter 6-Element CMOS 5V 12mA 14-SOIC00.3500
TPS54327DDARTPS54327DDAR Texas Instruments Synchronous Step-Down Converter 4.5V-18V Input, 3A 8-HSOP20.0000
SN74AHC1G04DBVRSN74AHC1G04DBVR Texas Instruments Inverters Single00.0000
SN74AVC4T774RSVRSN74AVC4T774RSVR Texas Instruments Voltage Level Translator 3-State 16-UQFN00.0000
SN74LVC2G14DBVRG4SN74LVC2G14DBVRG4 Texas Instruments Inverter Schmitt Trigger 6-Pin SOT-2300.5000
SN74LVC2T45DCURSN74LVC2T45DCUR Texas Instruments Voltage Level Translator 8-VSSOP00.5800
LM7171AINLM7171AIN Texas Instruments Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps00.0000
MSP430F449IPZRMSP430F449IPZR Texas Instruments Microcontroller MCU 60kB Flash 2048B RAM 12ADC/2USART 160sLCD 16-bit 100-LQFP09.5000
TPS7A4533DCQRTPS7A4533DCQR Texas Instruments LDO Regulator 3.3V 1.5A SOT223-600.0000
TAS5611APHDRTAS5611APHDR Texas Instruments IC Audio Amp 64-HTQFP08.5000
TPS60120PWPTPS60120PWP Texas Instruments Charge Pump 3.3V 200mA 20-HTSSOP02.5000
TCA8418RTWRTCA8418RTWR Texas Instruments Interface - Specialized Low-Voltage 16B I2C & SMBus I/O Expander01.5000
LM324N-LM324N NSC / TI IC OP Amp Quad GP 16V/32V 14-Pin PDIP RoHS00.0000
SN74HC688NSN74HC688N Texas Instruments Identity Comparator 8-Bit 20-PDIP00.0000
SN74LVTH244APWRG4SN74LVTH244APWRG4 Texas Instruments Buffer/Line Driver BiCMOS 20-TSSOP00.0000
LM3407MY/NOPBLM3407MY/NOPB Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC Step Down 4.5V-30V 0.35A 8-MSOP00.0000
SN74LVTH244APWRSN74LVTH244APWR Texas Instruments IC 3.3V Octal Bufer/Driver 20-TSSOP00.0000
LM3407MYX/NOPBLM3407MYX/NOPB Texas Instruments LED Lighting Driver 4.5V-30V 350mA 8MSOP00.0000
CC430F5137IRGZCC430F5137IRGZ Texas Instruments RF Microcontroller MCU 16B Ultra-Lo-Power 32KB Flash 4KB RAM05.1000
SN74CBT3125CPWRSN74CBT3125CPWR Texas Instruments Bus Switch 4-Element CMOS 4-IN 14-TSSOP00.0000
SN74HC74DBRSN74HC74DBR Texas Instruments Flip Flop D-Type Pos-Edge 2-Element 14-SSOP00.0000
INA194AIDBVRINA194AIDBVR Texas Instruments IC Current Monitor 18V SOT-2300.0000
SN74AHC1G08DCKRG4SN74AHC1G08DCKRG4 Texas Instruments AND Gate 1-Element 2-IN CMOS SC-7000.0000
XTR112UAXTR112UA Texas Instruments Sensor and Detector Interface 36V 2-Wire 14-SOIC00.0000
LM324DRLM324DR Texas Instruments OP Amp Quad GP 16V/32V 14-SOIC00.3000
REF02AU/2K5E4REF02AU/2K5E4, TI, V-Ref Precision 5V 21mA 8-Pin SOIC T/R132.9900
TXB0304RUTRTXB0304RUTR Texas Instruments Voltage Level Translator 12UQFN01.2100
SN74AVC4T774RGYRSN74AVC4T774RGYR Texas Instruments Bus XCVR Single 16-VQFN00.0000
TL592B-8DRTL592B-8DR Texas Instruments Video Amp Single 8V 8SOIC00.0000
TMS320DM647ZUT7TMS320DM647ZUT7 Texas Instruments IC DSP 32-Bit 720MHz 5760MIPS 529-FCBGA050.0000
REF102AU/2K5REF102AU/2K5 Texas Instruments V-Ref Precision 10V 10mA 8-SOIC04.9900
74AHCT1G32DBVRG474AHCT1G32DBVRG4 Texas Instruments OR Gate 1-Element 2-IN CMOS 5-Pin SOT-2300.0000
TPS7A4533DCQTTPS7A4533DCQT Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 3.3V 1.5A SOT-223-600.0000
TPS51117RGYRG4TPS51117RGYRG4 Texas Instruments Switching Controllers Wide Vin Synch Buck 1.8V-28V 14-VQFN5010.0000
DS90CR215MTDX/NOPBDS90CR215MTDX/NOPB Texas Instruments LVDS 0.45V 48-TSSOP00.0000
SN74AUC2G53DCTRSN74AUC2G53DCTR Texas Instruments Analog Multiplexer Single 2:1 8-SSOP00.0000
MAX3232ECDRMAX3232ECDR Texas Instruments IC RS232 3V5.5V 15KVESD 16-SOIC00.9000
TPS54040DGQRTPS54040DGQR Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC 0.8V-39V 0.5A 10-HVSSOP02.0000
LM236H-2.5/NOPBLM236H-2.5/NOPB Texas Instruments Shunt Voltage Reference IC 2% 10mA TO-306.0000
TSS721ADRTSS721ADR Texas Instruments Bus Transceiver 1TX 1RX 16-SOIC02.5000
ADS7279IPWADS7279IPW Texas Instruments 14 Bit ADC 1 Input 1 SAR 16-TSSOP00.0000
ADS7279IPWRADS7279IPWR Texas Instruments IC 14 Bit ADC 1 Input 1 SAR 16-TSSOP05.1000
LMC660CN/NOPBLMC660CN/NOPB Texas Instruments IC OP Amp Quad 15.5V 1.4MHZ 14PDIP00.0000
MAX232NMAX232N Texas Instruments Line Transmitter-Receiver, RS232 4.5-5.5V DIP1600.0000
LM2750LD-5.0/NOPBLM2750LD-5.0/NOPB Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC 2.7V to 5.6V Step Up Single-Out 5V 0.12A 10-Pin WSON EP00.0000
LM2750LD-5.0LM2750LD-5.0 Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC 2.7V to 5.6V Step Up Single-Out 5V 0.12A 10-Pin WSON EP00.0000
SN74LVC1G34DBVRSN74LVC1G34DBVR Texas Instruments Buffer 1-CH Non-Inverting 1.6-5.5V CMOS SOT-23-500.0000
THS4522IPWRTHS4522IPWR Texas Instruments Differential Amplifier 2.75V-5.5V 16-TSSOP04.5000
DP83848CVVX/NOPBDP83848CVVX/NOPB Texas Instruments Ethernet Transceiver 3-3.6V LQFP4800.0000
LMC6062AIM/NOPBLMC6062AIM/NOPB Texas Instruments OP Amp Dual 15.5V 8-SOIC00.0000
TPS82692SIPTTPS82692SIPT Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC Single Step Down 2.3V-4.8V 8-uSIP02.9000
LP5907MFX-1.8/NOPBLP5907MFX-1.8/NOPB Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 1.8V 0.25A SOT-23-500.5400
LM20146MH/NOPBLM20146MH/NOPB Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC Single Step Down 2.95V-5.5V 16TSSOP00.0000
TLV117118DCYRTLV117118DCYR Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 1.8V 1A SOT-223-400.0000
LM358MX/NOPBLM358MX/NOPB Texas Instruments OP Amp Dual GP 16V/32V 8-SOIC00.0000
LM7805S/NOPBLM7805S/NOPB Texas Instruments Standard Regulator Pos 5V 1A TO-26300.0000
INA114BU/1KINA114BU/1K Texas Instruments SP Amp INSTR Amp Single 18V 16-SOIC00.0000
DAC084S085CIMMX/NOPBDAC084S085CIMMX/NOPB Texas Instruments DAC 8 Bit Digital to Analog Converter 4 10-VSSOP00.0000
SN74CBTLV16211GRSN74CBTLV16211GR Texas Instruments Bus Switch 2-Element 56-TSSOP1,5000.0000
MC34063ADRJRMC34063ADRJR Texas Instruments Switching Voltage Regulator 3V-40V 1.5A SON-800.2600
BQ24721CRHBRG4BQ24721CRHBRG4 Texas Instruments Battery Charger 32-VQFN00.0000
TPS79333DBVRTPS79333DBVR Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 3.3V 0.2A SOT-23-53,0040.6000
ADS42JB69IRGCTADS42JB69IRGCT Texas Instruments Dual Channel Dual ADC Pipelined 250Msps 16-bit Serial 64-VQFN00.0000
TLV5623IDGKTLV5623IDGK Texas Instruments 8 Bit Digital to Analog Converter 1 8-VSSOP00.0000
SN74AHC541DWRSN74AHC541DWR Texas Instruments IC Octal Buffers/Drivers With 3-State Outputs CMOS 2-5.5V 20-SOIC00.4000
LP2950ACZ-3.3/NOPBLP2950ACZ-3.3/NOPB Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 3.3V 0.1A 3-Pin TO-9200.0000
CSD88537NDCSD88537ND Texas Instruments Transistor MOSFET N-CH 60V 15A 8-SOIC00.0000
ISO7220BDISO7220BD Texas Instruments Dual Channel 2/0 5Mbps Dig Isolator 8-SOIC02.9000
SN74CBTD3306DRSN74CBTD3306DR Texas Instruments Bus Switch 1x1:1 8-SOIC00.0000
TL431ACDBZTTL431ACDBZT Texas Instruments V-Ref Adjustable 2.495V-36V 100mA SOT-2300.0000
TPS57040QDGQRQ1TPS57040QDGQRQ1 Texas Instruments ICBuck Converter 3.5V-42V 500mA 10HVSSOP00.0000
LMV762MAX/NOPBLMV762MAX/NOPB Texas Instruments Comparator Dual 5.25V 8-SOIC00.0000
TL431ACDBZRTL431ACDBZR Texas Instruments V-Ref Adjustable 2.495V-36V 100mA SOT-2300.0000
SN74LV4052ADGVRSN74LV4052ADGVR Texas Instruments IC 2 Circuit Switch 4:1 75 Ohm 16-TVSOP00.0000
TIPL755ATI TIPL755A Power Transistor 10A 375-420v 180w 2Pin01.0500
LM4040D20IDBZRLM4040D20IDBZR Texas Instruments V-Ref Precision 2.048V 15mA SOT-2300.0000
MAX232DRMAX232DR Texas Instruments Dual Transmitter/Receiver RS-232 16-SOIC00.0000
LMR16006XDDCRLMR16006XDDCR Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC 1-OUT Step Down 4V-60V 6-Pin SOT00.0000
DLPC300ZVBDLPC300ZVB Texas Instruments DLP Digital Micromirror Device 1V 33.5kHz 176-Pin NFBGA00.0000
ADS1274IPAPTADS1274IPAPT Texas Instruments Quad Channel ADC 144ksps 24-bit 64-HTQFP00.0000
LM2577S-ADJ/NOPBLM2577S-ADJ/NOPB Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC Single Step Up 3.5V to 40V 6-Pin(5+Tab) TO-26300.0000
LMC660CMX/NOPBLMC660CMX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC Op Amps 1.4MHZ, 1.1V 14-SOIC00.0000
TL331IDBVRTL331IDBVR Texas Instruments IC Comparator Single 18V/36V SOT-23-500.0000
TPS51367RVERTPS51367RVER Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC 3V to 22V Step Down 0.6V-2V 28-VQFN00.0000
LM5069MM-1/NOPBLM5069MM-1/NOPB Texas Instruments IC Hot Swap Controller 1-CH 80V 10-Pin MSOP00.0000
TS3A226AEYFFRTS3A226AEYFFR Texas Instruments IC Audio Switch 1 Channel 9-DSBGA00.0000
LM340T-5.0/NOPBLM340T-5.0/NOPB Texas Instruments Standard Regulator Pos 5V 1A TO-22000.0000
TPS62560DRVRTPS62560DRVR Texas Instruments Switching Voltage Regulator 600mA Step- Down 6-WSON00.0000
BQ29707DSERBQ29707DSER Texas Instruments Battery Protection IC Li-Ion/Polymer 4mA 6-WSON00.0000
TPS51980ARTVRTPS51980ARTVR Texas Instruments PWM Controller 4.5V-13.2V QFN3200.0000
ADS8350IRTETADS8350IRTET Texas Instruments ADC Dual SAR 750ksps 16-Bit 16-WQFN00.0000
LM747HLM747H Texas Instruments General Purpose Amplifier 2 Circuit TO-100-1000.0000
TPS78228DRVRTPS78228DRVR Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 2.8V 0.15A 6WSON00.0000
LM75BIMM-3/NOPBLM75BIMM-3/NOPB Texas Instruments Temperature Sensor 5.5V 8-VSSOP00.0000
SN74LVT16245BDGGRSN74LVT16245BDGGR Texas Instruments00.6700
TL432ACDBZRG4TL432ACDBZRG4 Texas Instruments V-Ref Adjustable 2.495V-36V 100mA SOT-2300.0000
DAC5311IDCKRDAC5311IDCKR Texas Instruments DAC 8 Bit SC-70-600.0000
LM8272MM/NOPBLM8272MM/NOPB Texas Instruments IC Amp 2 Circuit 8-VSSOP03.3000
SN74AHC32PWLESN74AHC32PWLE Texas Instruments00.0000
SN74AHC32PWRSN74AHC32PWR Texas Instruments OR Gate 4-Element 2-IN CMOS 14-TSSOP00.0000
LP5912-1.8DRVRLP5912-1.8DRVR Texas Instruments LDO Regulator 1.8V 500MA 6SON00.0000
SN74CBTLV3126DGVRSN74CBTLV3126DGVR Texas Instruments Bus Switch 14-TVSOP00.0000
TL432ACDBZTTL432ACDBZT Texas Instruments V-Ref Shunt 36V 100mA SOT-23-300.0000
TPS7A6650QDGNRQ1TPS7A6650QDGNRQ1 Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 5V 0.15A 8-HVSSOP30.0000
TPS51367RVETTPS51367RVET Texas Instruments Switching Voltage Regulators 22V Input 12A 28-VQFN20.0000
TPS54623RHLRTPS54623RHLR Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC 4.5V-17V 14VQFN00.0000
TPS54623RHLTTPS54623RHLT Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC 4.5V-17V 14-VQFN00.0000
JM38510/05051BCAJM38510/05051BCA Texas Instruments Logic Gate 14-CDIP00.0000
LM2676SX-ADJ/NOPBLM2676SX-ADJ/NOPB Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC 3A 8-Pin TO-26360.0000
TPS63000DRCRTPS63000DRCR Texas Instruments Converter with 1.8A 10-VSON00.0000
TLV3201AIDCKRTLV3201AIDCKR Texas Instruments Comparator 5.5V 5-SC-7000.0000
SN74LVC16244AZQLRSN74LVC16244AZQLR Texas Instruments Buffer/Line Driver 3.6V 56BGA00.0000
SN74LVC16245AZQLRSN74LVC16245AZQLR Texas Instruments Bus XCVR Dual 16-CH 3-ST 56-BGA00.0000
OPA2171AIDCUROPA2171AIDCUR Texas Instruments OP Amp Dual 8-VSSOP00.0000
SN74LVC1G32DCKRSN74LVC1G32DCKR Texas Instruments Logic Circuit, 2-Input OR, LVC-CMOS, 6 Pin, Plastic, TSSOP00.0000
TPS73701DRVRTPS73701DRVR Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 1.2V-5.5V 1A 6-WSON00.0000
LMV797MMX/NOPBLMV797MMX/NOPB Texas Instruments OP Amp Dual GP R-R O/P 5.5V 8-MSOP00.0000
LM5117PMHX/NOPBLM5117PMHX/NOPB Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC 5.5V-65V 20-TSSOP00.0000
TPS562208DDCRTPS562208DDCR Texas Instruments00.0000
LM43601PWPRLM43601PWPR Texas Instruments IC Switcher 3.5-36V 1A 16HTSSOP00.0000
TPS7B4253QPWPRQ1TPS7B4253QPWPRQ1 Texas Instruments LDO Voltage Regulator 300mA 40V 20-HTSSOP00.0000
MAX3243IDBRMAX3243IDBR Texas Instruments IC RS232 28-SSOP00.0000
LMZ20502SILTLMZ20502SILT Texas Instruments DC-DC Converter 2.7-5.5V 8-uSIP30.0000
TPS5401DGQRTPS5401DGQR Texas Instruments IC Regulator ADJ 0.5A 10MSOP00.0000
OPA2365AIDROPA2365AIDR Texas Instruments OP Amp Dual 5.5V 8-SOIC20.0000
INA129UA/2K5INA129UA/2K5 Texas Instruments Instrumentation Amplifier 18V 8-SOIC00.0000
DAC7714U/1KDAC7714U/1K Texas Instruments Digital to Analog Converter 12 Bit 4ch 16-SOIC00.0000
DAC7714UDAC7714U Texas Instruments Digital to Analog Converter 12 Bit 4ch 16-SOIC10.0000
TPS3823-33DBVRTPS3823-33DBVR TI Supervisor Push-Pull, Totem Pole 1 Channel SOT-23-550.0000
TPS563201DDCRTPS563201DDCR Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC 4.5-17V SOT-23-620.0000
LM3525MX-L/NOPBLM3525MX-L/NOPB Texas Instruments USB Power Switch 5.5V 2.25A 8-SOIC00.0000
LM4041CEM3-ADJ/NOPBLM4041CEM3-ADJ/NOPB Texas Instruments V-Ref 12mA SOT-2300.0000
LM5122MHE/NOPBLM5122MHE/NOPB Texas Instruments DC/DC Cntrlr Single-OUT Step Up 975kHz 20-Pin HTSSOP20.0000
BQ500101DPCRBQ500101DPCR Texas Instruments NexFET Power Stage 3.3-5V 5A 8-VSON00.0000
BQ500101DBQ500101D Texas Instruments NexFET Power Stage 3.3-5V 5A 8-VSON00.0000
TPS62130RGTRF0TPS62130RGTRF0 Texas Instruments Converter DC-DC 3-17V 16-QFN00.0000
LP5907UVX-3.3/NOPBLP5907UVX-3.3/NOPB Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 3.3V 0.25A 4-DSBGA30.0000
TL432ACDBZRTL432ACDBZR Texas Instruments VRef 36V 100mA SOT-23-3200.0000
LM2830XMF/NOPBLM2830XMF/NOPB Texas Instruments DC-DC 3-5.5V 1A SOT-23-500.0000
CSD87330Q3DCSD87330Q3D Texas Instruments Mosfet 30V 20A 6W 8-LSON00.0000
SN74AUP1G97DSFRSN74AUP1G97DSFR Texas Instruments Logic Circuit, CMOS, PDSO600.0000
TDP158RSBTTDP158RSBT Texas Instruments HDMI Interface 40-WQFN00.0000
TPS2065CDGNRTPS2065CDGNR Texas Instruments USB Power 5.5V 1.55A 8-HTSSOP00.0000
LM4132DMF-3.3/NOPBLM4132DMF-3.3/NOPB Texas Instruments V-Ref Precision 3.3V 20mA SOT-23-500.0000
LMK00304SQE/NOPBLMK00304SQE/NOPB Texas Instruments Clock Buffer/Translator 32-WQFN00.0000
LM1086CSX-ADJ/NOPBLM1086CSX-ADJ/NOPB Texas Instruments LDO ADJ O/P 1.2V-15V 1.5A TO-263-300.0000
LMV7219M5/NOPBLMV7219M5/NOPB Texas Instruments Comparator Single R-R O/P 5V SOT-23-56000.0000
TPS22924CYZPRTPS22924CYZPR Texas Instruments Power Switch 2A 6-Pin DSBGA00.0000
XTR105UA/2K5XTR105UA/2K5 Texas Instruments Current Transmitter 4-20mA 14-SOIC00.0000
LP2981AIM5-3.3/NOPBLP2981AIM5-3.3/NOPB Texas Instruments LDO Regulator 3.3V 0.1A SOT-23-500.0000
SN74LV595ARGYRSN74LV595ARGYR Texas Instruments Counter Shift Register 8-Bit 16-VQFN00.0000
SN74LVC2T45DCTRE4SN74LVC2T45DCTRE4 Texas Instruments Voltage Level Translator 8-Pin SSOP00.0000
XTR105UAXTR105UA Texas Instruments Current Transmitter 14-SOIC20.0000
LM340SX-5.0/NOPBLM340SX-5.0/NOPB Texas Instruments Standard Regulator Pos 5V 1A TO-263-300.0000
LM321MFX/NOPBLM321MFX/NOPB Texas Instruments Operational Amplifier 5-Pin SOT-2300.0000
SM320C6727BGDHMEPSM320C6727BGDHMEP Texas Instruments DSP 256-BGA00.0000
BQ25892RTWRBQ25892RTWR Texas Instruments Charger IC 5A 24-WQFN40.0000
DRV2603RUNRDRV2603RUNR Texas Instruments Haptic Driver 10-WQFN00.0000
SN74CB3T3306DCTRSN74CB3T3306DCTR Texas Instruments Bus Switch 8-SSOP00.0000
TPS61235PRWLRTPS61235PRWLR Texas Instruments Conv DC-DC Single 9-VQFN40.0000
TPS63020DSJRTPS63020DSJR Texas Instruments DC-DC Switching Buck-Boost Regulator VSON-1440.0000
8500301EA8500301EA by Texas Instruments Asynchronous 14-Bit Binary Counters 16-CDIP00.0000
LM1086CT-5.0/NOPBLM1086CT-5.0/NOPB Texas Instruments LDO Voltage Regulator 1.5A TO-220-300.0000
LM2991T/NOPBLM2991T/NOPB Texas Instruments LDO Voltage Regulator 1A TO-220-500.0000
LM1086CT-ADJ/NOPBLM1086CT-ADJ/NOPB Texas Instruments LDO Voltage Regulator 1.5A TO-220-3 RoHS00.0000
TPS22976NDPURTPS22976NDPUR Texas Instruments Power Switch Switching 14-WSON00.0000
RC4558IPRC4558IP Texas Instruments Dual Op Amp General Purpose 2 Circuit 8-PDIP00.0000
RC4560IPRC4560IP Texas Instruments General Purpose Amplifier 2 Circuit 8-PDIP00.0000
TPS79927DDCRTPS79927DDCR Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 2.7V 0.2A TSOT-23-500.0000
CSD95373AQ5MCSD95373AQ5M Texas Instruments Synchronous Buck NexFET Power Stage 12-SON00.0000
SM320F2812PGFMEPSM320F2812PGFMEP Texas Instruments IC 32bit 150MHz 176- LQFP00.0000
M38510/13503BPAM38510/13503BPA Texas Instruments Amplifier 1 Circuit 8-CERDIP00.0000
M38510/65406BRAJM38510/65406BRA Texas Instruments Latch Transparent 3-ST 8-CH D-Type 20-CDIP00.0000
LM4040C50IDBZRLM4040C50IDBZR Texas Instruments Voltage Reference 15mA SOT-23-300.0000
LM78L05AIM/NOPBLM78L05AIMX/NOPB Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 100mA 8SOIC00.0000
SN74AC14DSN74AC14D Texas Instruments Inverter Schmitt 14-SOIC00.0000
TLE2141IDTLE2141ID Texas Instruments Op Amp Amplifier 8-SOIC00.0000
LM7805MPX/NOPBLM7805MPX/NOPB Texas Instruments Regulator Pos 5V 1A SOT-223-400.0000
BQ4847MTBQ4847MT Texas Instruments Real Time Clock Calendar 28-DIP00.0000
TMS320C6424ZWT5TMS320C6424ZWT5 Texas Instruments DSP 32bit 500MHz 361-NFBGA00.0000
ADS8688ATDBTADS8688ATDBT Texas Instruments ADC Converter 16 Bit 38-TSSOP00.0000
SN74HC573APWRSN74HC573APWR Texas Instruments IC Octal Latch 20-TSSOP00.0000
TLC2274AIDTLC2274AID Texas Instruments Amplifier 4 Circuit 14-SOIC00.0000
TPS53219RGTRTPS53219RGTR Texas Instruments IC Buck Regulator 16-QFN00.0000
TPS62162DSGRTPS62162DSGR Texas Instruments IC Converter20.0000
LM3914N-1LM3914N-1 Texas Instruments LED Driver 18-PDIP00.0000
TPS62130BRGTR-STPS62130BRGTR-S Texas Instruments DC-DC Converter00.0000
LM1117MPX-ADJ/NOPBLM1117MPX-ADJ/NOPB Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 800mA SOT-22320.0000
LM5109BMAX/NOPBLM5109BMAX/NOPB Texas Instruments Driver 90V 1A 8-SOIC30.0000
LM111H/883CLM111H/883 Texas Instruments Comparator TO-9900.0000
LM2576SX-5.0/NOPBLM2576SX-5.0/NOPB Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 3A 4-40V 6TO-26300.0000
TPS22943DCKRTPS22943DCKR Texas Instruments IC Switch 1.62-5.5V 0.08A SC-70-500.0000
TLC7701IDRTLC7701IDR Texas Instruments Voltage Supervisory 5V 8-SOIC00.0000
TPS79333DBVRG4TPS79333DBVRG4 Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 200mA SOT-23-500.0000
SN74LVC541APWRSN74LVC541APWR Texas Instruments Buffers & Line Drivers Tri-State Octal 20-TSSOP00.0000
SN74LVC573APWRSN74LVC573APWR Texas Instruments Latches Tri-St Octal D-Type 20-TSSOP00.0000
TMS2532-35JLTI TMS2532-35JL MEMORY 4K X 8 EPROM CDIP244024.0800
TPS61088RHLRTPS61088RHLR Texas Instruments Converter 2.7-12V 10A 20-VQFN00.0000
TPS61088RHLTTPS61088RHLT Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 4.5V 10A 20-VFQFN30.0000
TPS62172DSGRTPS62172DSGR Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 0.5A 8-WSON00.0000
TL431ACDRG4TL431ACDRG4 Texas Instruments IC VRef 36V 8-SOIC00.0000
TPS51120RHBRTPS51120RHBR Texas Instruments DC-DC Controller 32-VQFN00.0000
CC1190RGVRCC1190RGVR Texas Instruments RF Device 850-950MHz 16-VQFN00.0000
UCC2813DTR-1UCC2813DTR-1 Texas Instruments PWM Controller 1A 8-SOIC00.0000
BQ24072RGTTBQ24072RGTT Texas Instruments Li-Ion Battery Charger 16-QFN00.0000
OPA698IDRG4OPA698IDRG4 Texas Instruments Op-Amp 8-SOIC00.0000
TLC59282RGETTLC59282RGET Texas Instruments LED Lighting Driver 45mA 24-VQFN00.0000
TPS25940LRVCRTPS25940LRVCR Texas Instruments Fuse Regulator 5.3A 20-WQFN00.0000
TPS25940LQRVCRQ1TPS25940LQRVCRQ1 Texas Instruments Fuse Regulator 5.3A 20-WQFN00.0000
CD4028BMCD4028BM Texas Instruments Decoder 16-SOIC00.0000
TPS3702CX12QDDCRQ1TPS3702CX12QDDCRQ1 Texas Instruments Volt Supervisor Monitor Adj 18V TSOT-23-600.0000
CD4028BMTCD4028BMT Texas Instruments Decoder 16-SOIC00.0000
TPS3702CX12DDCTTPS3702CX12DDCT Texas Instruments Volt Supervisor Monitor Adj 18V TSOT-23-600.0000
SN74LVT16245ADLSN74LVT16245ADL Texas Instruments Bus Transceivers 3.3V 48-SSOP00.0000
PHDC2021DEBTPHDC2021DEBT Texas Instruments Digital Temp Sensor 1.62-3.6V 6WSON00.0000
SN75LBC175ANSN75LBC175AN Texas Instruments Quad Receiver00.0000
SN74LVTH16245ADLSN74LVTH16245ADL Texas Instruments 16-Bit Bus Transceiver Tri-State 48-SSOP00.0000
TL082IPTL082IP Texas Instruments Operational Amplifier Dual 3MHz 7-36V 8-DIP00.0000
BQ20Z95DBTRBQ20Z95DBTR Texas Instruments Battery Controller 25V 44-TSSOP00.0000
BQ34Z100PW-G1BQ34Z100PW-G1 Texas Instruments Battery Gauge 14-TSSOP00.0000
LM5164DDATLM5164DDAT Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 1.2V 1A 8-SOIC00.0000
PCI2040PGETI PCI2040PGE Texas Instruments PCI Bridge 33MHz 32bit 144-LQFP10.0000
TLV61048DBVTTLV61048DBVT Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 3.3V SOT-23-600.0000
SN75LVDS83BZQLRSN75LVDS83BZQLR Texas Instruments Bus Transmitter 10-135MHz 56BGA00.0000
PCI2040GGUPCI2040GGU Texas Instruments PCI Bridge 33MHz 32bit 144-LQFP00.0000
LM2940CT-15/NOPBLM2940CT-15/NOPB Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 15V 1A TO-220-300.0000
ADS1115IRUGRADS1115IRUGR Texas Instruments 16 Bit ADC 2-5.5V 860sps 10-X2QFN50.0000
OPA333AIDCKROPA333AIDCKR Texas Instruments Op Amps 1.8V 17uA SC-70-5500.0000
TLV70012DCKRTLV70012DCKR Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 2-5.5V 200mA SC-70-550.0000
TPS22975DSGRTPS22975DSGR Texas Instruments Power Driver 6A 8-WSON50.0000
TPS3710DSETTPS3710DSET Texas Instruments Supervisory Circuit 18V 6-WSON50.0000
TPS62560DRVTTPS62560DRVT Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 0.85V 600mA 6-WDFN500.0000
TPS63070RNMTTPS63070RNMT Texas Instruments Converter DC-DC 2V-16V 2A 15-VQFN-HR50.0000
TPS73633DRBRTPS73633DRBR Texas Instruments LDO Regulator 3.3V 400mA 8-SON50.0000
UC3844AD8UC3844AD8 Texas Instruments PWM Controller 5V 1A 500kHz 8-SOIC00.0000
UC3853DTRUC3853DTR Texas Instruments PFC IC Average Current 56kHz-94kHz 8-SOIC00.0000
UCC3808DTR-1UCC3808DTR-1 Texas Instruments Converter 1MHz 8-SOIC00.0000
ADS1115IDGSRADS1115IDGSR Texas Instruments 16 Bit ADC 2-5.5V 10-VSSOP00.0000
LM3880MF-1AD/NOPBLM3880MF-1AD/NOPB Texas Instruments Processor Supervisor 1.25V SOT-23-600.0000
TPS630701RNMRTPS630701RNMR Texas Instruments Converter DC-DC 5V 2A 15-VQFN-HR00.0000
TPS2491DGSRTPS2491DGSR Texas Instruments Voltage Controller 10-VSSOP00.0000
TS5A63157DCKRTS5A63157DCKR Texas Instruments Analog Switch 5.5V 100mA SC-70-600.0000
LP3962ESX-2.5NOPBLP3962ESX-2.5/NOPB Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 2.5V 1.5A TO-263-500.0000
SN74LVC2G17DRYRSN74LVC2G17DRYR Texas Instruments Dual Schmitt-Trigger Buffer 32mA 6-USON00.0000
SN74LV132ADRSN74LV132ADR Texas Instruments Logic Gates Quad 2-5.5V 12mA 14-SOIC00.0000
CC1150RGVRCC1150RGVR Texas Instruments RF Transmitter 3.3V 16-VQFN00.0000
TPS70960DBVRTPS70960DBVR Texas Instruments LDO Voltage Regulator 150mA 5-SOT00.0000
LMZ34002RKGTLMZ34002RKGT Texas Instruments Boost Controller 4.5-40V 2A QFN-4100.0000
TL1963A-18DCQRTL1963A-18DCQR Texas Instruments LDO Regulator 1.8V 1.5A SOT223-600.0000
TS5A63157DBVRTS5A63157DBVR Texas Instruments Analog Switch 5.5V 100mA SOT-23-600.0000
LM3492AR111DEMO/NOPBLM3492AR111DEMO/NOPB Texas Instruments Evaluation Board00.0000
PCA9538DWRPCA9538DWR Texas Instruments I/O Expander 400kHz 16-SOIC00.0000
BQ24073RGTRBQ24073RGTR Texas Instruments Battery Lithium Charger 16-QFN00.0000
SN74ACT04PWSN74ACT04PW Texas Instruments Inverter 6-Element CMOS TSSOP1400.0000
TLV75733PDBVRTLV75733PDBVR Texas Instruments LDO Voltage Regulator 1A SOT-23-500.0000
TPS61165TDBVRQ1TPS61165TDBVRQ1 Texas Instruments LED Driver 3 Segment SOT-23-600.0000
TLV75733PDRVRTLV75733PDRVR Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 3.3V 1A 6-WSON00.0000
CD40106BFCD40106BF Texas Instruments Inverter Schmitt Trigger 6-Element CMOS 14-CDIP00.0000
SN74HC595DTSN74HC595DT Texas Instruments Counter Shift Registers 8-Bit 2-6V 16-SOIC00.0000
MM54HCT138JMM54HCT138J NSC Decoder/Driver, CMOS DIP-1630.0000
DAC8168IAPWRDAC8168IAPWR Texas Instruments DAC 14-bit 2.7-5.5V 14-TSSOP00.0000
SN74HC595DRSN74HC595DR Texas Instruments Shift Register 16-SOIC00.0000
SN74LVC1G126DCKRSN74LVC1G126DCKR Texas Instruments Buffer/Line Driver 5.5V 32mA SC70-500.0000
TLE2142ACDTLE2142ACD Texas Instruments Precision Amplifier Dual 22-44V 8-SOIC00.0000
ULN2003LVDRULN2003LVDR Texas Instruments Darlington Transistor 500mA 16-SOIC00.0000
SN74LVC08ARGYRSN74LVC08ARGYR Texas Instruments Logic AND Gate 14-VQFN00.0000
LM293DRLM293DR Texas Instruments IC Comparator Dual 18V/36V 8-SOIC00.0000
LP3985IM5-2.5/NOPBLP3985IM5-2.5/NOPB Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 2.5V 0.15A SOT-23-500.0000
LM258DRLM258DR Texas Instruments Op Amps Dual 16V/32V 8-SOIC00.0000
LM397MF/NOPBLM397MF/NOPB Texas Instruments Comparator Single 15V/30V SOT-23-500.0000
LM5010ASD/NOPBLM5010ASD/NOPB Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 2.5V 1A 10-WDFN00.0000
LM4132BMF-2.5/NOPBLM4132/LM4132-Q1 Texas Instruments V-Ref Precision 2.5V 20mA 5-Pin SOT-23 T/R00.0000
MAX3232IDRMAX3232IDR Texas Instruments RS-232 Interface IC 16-SOIC00.0000
SN74LVC1G125DCKRSN74LVC1G125DCKR Texas Instruments Line Driver 5.5V 32mA SC-7000.0000
LM74700QDBVTQ1LM74700QDBVTQ1 Texas Instruments OR Controller 3.2- 65V 900nA SOT-23-600.0000
LM74700QDBVRQ1LM74700QDBVRQ1 Texas Instruments OR Controller N-Channel 3.2-65V 80uA SOT-23-600.0000
PCM3060PWRPCM3060PWR Texas Instruments IC Audio Codec 24bit Serial 28TSSOP00.0000
PCM1782DBQRPCM1782DBQR Texas Instruments IC Audio DAC 24Bit 16SSOP00.0000
PCM5242RHBRPCM5242RHBR Texas Instruments DAC, Audio 32Bit 32VQFN00.0000
TLV320ADC3140IRTWRTLV320ADC3140IRTWR Texas Instruments IC ADC AUDIO 768K 24WQFN00.0000
PCM1754DBQRPCM1754DBQR Texas Instruments DAC Audio 24-Bit 192kHz 5V 16-SSOP00.0000
AM3352BZCZD80AM3352BZCZD80 Texas Instruments MPU RISC 32bit 800MHz 1.8-3.3V 324-NFBGA20.0000
TLV62585RWTTTLV62585RWTT Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 0.6V 3A VQFN-12120.0000
TP3067WM/NOPBTP3067WM/NOPB Texas Instruments PCM, Codec 4.75-5.25V 20-SOIC00.0000
OPA4388IDROPA4388IDR Texas Instruments Amplifier 2.5-5.5V 1.9mA 10MHz 14-SOIC00.0000
MC1458DRMC1458DR Texas Instruments Op Amps Dual 8-SOIC00.0000
TS5A23157RSERTS5A23157RSER Texas Instruments Analog Switch Dual SPDT 10-UQFN00.0000
SN74LS367ANSN74LS367AN Texas Instruments Hex Bus Drivers With 3-State Outputs 16-PDIP00.0000
LM723CH/NOPBLM723CH/NOPB Texas Instruments Linear Voltage Regulator 150mA TO-100-1000.0000
LM239PWLM239PW Texas Instruments Analog Comparator Quad 15-30V 14-TSSOP00.0000
LM293DGKRLM293DGKR Texas Instruments Comparator Dual R-R O/P 15V/30V 8-VSSOP00.0000
TP3094VTP3094V Texas Instruments PCM Audio Interface 32bit 44-PLCC00.0000
TL431AIDBZRTL431AIDBZR Texas Instruments Precision Shunt 2.495V to 36V, SOT-23-300.0000
LM239PWRLM239PWR Texas Instruments Quad Comparator 3-28V 14-TSSOP00.0000
SN55453BJGSN55453BJG Texas Instruments Power Driver Dual 4.5-5.5V 1050mW 8-CDIP00.0000
LP3985IM5-2.8/NOPBLP3985IM5-2.8/NOPB Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 150mA SOT-23-500.0000
MSP430F6779IPEURMSP430F6779IPEUR Texas Instruments MCU 16-bit 512KB Flash 2.5V 128-LQFP00.0000
SN74AHC02DSN74AHC02D Texas Instruments Logic Gates Quad 2-Input 5.5V SOIC-1400.0000
SN74LVC1G27DCKRSN74LVC1G27DCKR Texas Instruments NOR Gate SC-70?-600.0000
SN65176BDRSN65176BDR Texas Instruments Transceiver RS422, RS485 8-?SOIC00.0000
LM2662MX/NOPBLM2662MX/NOPB Texas Instruments Charge Pump Switching Regulator 2V 200mA 8-SOIC00.0000
TAS5631BPHDRTAS5631BPHDR Texas Instruments Audio Amplifier 300W Stereo Class D 64-HTQFP00.0000
SN75LBC174ANSN75LBC174AN Texas Instruments Quad Line Driver RS-485 5V 23mA 16-PDIP00.0000
TPS62130RGTTTPS62130RGTT Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 3-17V 3A 16-VFQFN00.0000
TPS62130RGTTG4TPS62130RGTTG4 Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 3-17V 3A 16-VFQFN00.0000
SN74AC244PWSN74AC244PW Texas Instruments Buffer/Line Driver 20-TSSOP00.0000
ISO7220MDISO7220MD Texas Instruments Digital Isolator 3.3-5V 150Mbps 8-SOIC00.0000
ISO7220MDRISO7220MDR Texas Instruments Digital Isolator 3.3-5V 150Mbps 8-SOIC40.0000
BQ25616RTWRBQ25616RTWR Texas Instruments IC Charger Lithium Ion/Polymer 24-WQFN00.0000
CDCE913PWRCDCE913PWR Texas Instruments Spread Spectrum Clock Driver IC 2.5-3.3V 230MHz 14-TSSOP00.0000
SN65HVD77DRSN65HVD77DR Texas Instruments Transceiver Full RS422, RS485 8-SOIC00.0000
TLVH431CDBZRTLVH431CDBZR Texas Instruments Voltage Reference 18V SOT-23-300.0000
DRV8702QRHBRQ1DRV8702QRHBRQ1 Texas Instruments Motor Driver PWM 47V 32-VQFN00.0000
TLV9002IDGKTTLV9002IDGKT Texas Instruments Operational Amplifier 1MHz 8-VSSOP00.0000
SN74HCT08DRSN74HCT08DR Texas Instruments Logic Gates Positive 4.5-5.5V 14-SOIC00.0000
SN74LVC1G0832DCKRSN74LVC1G0832DCKR Texas Instruments Logic Gates AND-OR 5.5V SC-70-600.0000
SN74LVC1G0832DCKTSN74LVC1G0832DCKT Texas Instruments Logic Gates AND-OR 5.5V SC-70-600.0000
SN74LVC2G00DCURSN74LVC2G00DCUR Texas Instruments NAND Gate 2-Element 2-IN CMOS 8-VSSOP00.0000
SN74LVC2G08DCURSN74LVC2G08DCUR Texas Instruments Logic Gates Dual 2-Input 8VSSOP00.0000
UCC28950QPWRQ1UCC28950QPWRQ1 Texas Instruments Full-Bridge Regulator 24-TSSOP00.0000
LM2594HVMX-ADJ/NOPBLM2594HVM-ADJ/NOPB Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 1.2V 500mA 8-SOIC00.0000
MAX3221CPWRMAX3221CPWR Texas Instruments Transceiver RS232 3-5.5V 16-TSSOP00.0000
MAX3221CPWMAX3221CPW Texas Instruments Transceiver RS232 3-5.5V 16-TSSOP00.0000
LM358DRLM358DR Texas Instruments Op Amps 2 Circuit 8-SOIC90,0000.0000
TPS1H200AQDGNRQ1TPS1H200AQDGNRQ1 Texas Instruments Power Switch Driver 40V 2.5A 8-MSOP00.0000
TPS5410DRTPS5410DR Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 1.221V 1A 8-SOIC00.0000
SN74LVC1G08DCKRSN74LVC1G08DCKR Texas Instruments AND Gate IC 1 Channel SC-70-500.0000
CSD18511Q5ACSD18511Q5A Texas Instruments MOSFET N-Channel 40V 159A 104W 8-VSONP2030.0000
SN74AHC02DRSN74AHC02DR Texas Instruments NOR Gate IC 4 Channel 14-SOIC00.0000
SN74ABT16244ADLRSN74ABT16244ADLR Texas Instruments Logic IC Buffer, Driver SSOP-4800.0000
TPD1E10B06DPYRTPD1E10B06DPYR Texas Instruments TVS Diode 14V 5A 2-X1SON00.0000
TLV62585PDRLRTLV62585PDRLR Texas Instruments Switching Voltage Regulator 5.5V 3A SOT-563-610.0000
ISO7220CDRISO7220CDR Texas Instruments Digital Isolator CMOS 2-CH 25Mbps 8-SOIC00.0000
ISO7720DRISO7720DR Texas Instruments Digital Isolator CMOS 2-CH 100Mbps 8-SOIC00.0000
LM5105SD/NOPBLM5105SD/NOPB Texas Instruments Gate Drivers 100V 10-WSON00.0000
TPS65400RGZRTPS65400RGZR Texas Instruments Switching Voltage Regulator 4.5-18V 4A 48-VQFN00.0000
TUSB542RWQRTUSB542RWQR Texas Instruments Buffer, ReDriver 2 Channel 5Gbps 18-X2QFN00.0000
TXS0104ENMNRTXS0104ENMNR Texas Instruments Translator Bidirectional 5.5V 24Mbps 12-NFBGA00.0000
DRV8885PWPDRV8885PWP Texas Instruments Bipolar Motor Driver NMOS Logic 37V 1.5A 24-HTSSOP00.0000
AMC1303M2520DWVRAMC1303M2520DWVR Texas Instruments ADC Isolated Module 16bit 8-SOIC1,0000.0000
LM317EMP/NOPBLM317EMP/NOPB Texas Instruments Linear Voltage Regulator IC Output 1.5A SOT-223-400.0000
REF3112AIDBZRREF3112AIDBZR Texas Instruments V-Ref Precision 1.25V 10mA SOT-2339000.0000
TPS65400RGZTTPS65400RGZT Texas Instruments Power Management Adjustable 0.6-18V 48-VQFN00.0000
DRV8886PWPRDRV8886PWPR Texas Instruments IC Bipolar Motor Driver 8-37V 24HTSSOP00.0000
PCA9545APWRPCA9545APWR Texas Instruments Bus Switch 1-Element 2.3-5.5V 20-TSSOP00.0000
TPS53317ARGBRTPS53317ARGBR Texas Instruments D-CAP+ Converter, DDR Voltage Regulator 20-VQFN00.0000
TPS54202DDCRTPS54202DDCR Texas Instruments Buck Regulator 0.596V 2A SOT-23-600.0000
TPS53317ARGBTTPS53317ARGBT Texas Instruments Switching Voltage Regulator 0.9V-6V 6A 20-VQFN10.0000
TPS54260DGQRTPS54260DGQR Texas Instruments Buck Switching Regulator 0.8V 1 Output 2.5A 10-TFSOP00.0000
PCA9545APWTPCA9545APWT Texas Instruments IC Switch Interface 2.3-5.5V 20-TSSOP00.0000
TUSB211RWBRTUSB211RWBR Texas Instruments Signal Processing Interface 3.3V 12-X2QFN00.0000
INA214AIDCKTINA214AIDCKT Texas Instruments Current Sense Amplifier Circuit SC-70-600.0000
TAS5754MDCARTAS5754MDCAR Texas Instruments Audio Amplifier 2.9-3.63V 48-HTSSOP00.0000
LMV324MTX/NOPBLMV324MTX/NOPB Texas Instruments Op Amp 4 Amplifier 2.7-5.5V 14-TSSOP00.0000
OPA2354AIDGKOPA2354AIDGK Texas Instruments IC OP Amp Dual 250MHz 2.75V/5.5V 8-MSOP00.0000
SN74LVCH16244ADGVRSN74LVCH16244ADGVR Texas Instruments Driver 16-Bit 3.6V 48TVSOP00.0000
SN74AHCT16244DGVRSN74AHCT16244DGVR Texas Instruments Line Driver 5.5V 48TVSOP00.0000
OPA2340PAOPA2340PA Texas Instruments Op Amps 5.5V 8-PDIP00.0000
TPS62175DQCRTPS62175DQCR Texas Instruments DC-DC Converter 1V to 6V 0.5A 10-WSON6,0000.0000
TPS40057PWPRTPS40057PWPR Texas Instruments IC Single-OUT Sync Buck 1Mhz, HTSSOP-166,0000.0000
BQ21040DBVTBQ21040DBVT Texas Instruments Charger IC Lithium Ion/Polymer SOT-23-600.0000
BQ21040DBVRBQ21040DBVR Texas Instruments Battery Charger 800mA 4.2V 6DSBGA00.0000
PCM3168APAPRPCM3168APAPR Texas Instruments Audio Interface 24 bit Serial 64-HTQFP00.0000
LM35DTLM35DT Texas Instruments Temperature Sensor TO-220-320.0000
LMV431BIMFX/NOPBLMV431BIMFX/NOPB Texas Instruments V-Ref Adjustable 1.24-30V 15mA SOT-23-34,5000.0000
TCA9406DCTRTCA9406DCTR Texas Instruments Voltage Level Translator 24Mbps 1.65-3.6V 8-SSOP00.0000
TCA9406DCTTCA9406DCT Texas Instruments Voltage Level Translator 24Mbps 1.65-3.6V 8-SSOP00.0000
TPS3780CDRYRTPS3780CDRYR Texas Instruments Supervisor Open Drain or Open Collector Channel 6-SON00.0000
TPS2052BDTPS2052BD Texas Instruments Power Switch Driver 500mA 8-SOIC00.0000
TPS62125DSGRTPS62125DSGR Texas Instruments DC-DC Converter 3-17V 0.3A 8-WSON00.0000
TPS2052BDRTPS2052BDR Texas Instruments USB Power Switch Dual 5.5V 0.75-1.25A 8-SOIC00.0000
TLV70228DSERTLV70228DSER Texas Instruments LDO Regulator Pos 2.8V 0.3A 6-WSON00.0000
OPA2192IDGKROPA2192IDGKR Texas Instruments Dual Precision Amplifier 18-36V 8-VSSOP00.0000
SN65HVD72DRSN65HVD72DR Texas Instruments RS-485 Half Duplex Interface 3.3V 8-SOIC00.0000
TPS40170RGYTTPS40170RGYT Texas Instruments Switching Controller 4.5-60V 20A 20-VQFN00.0000
TPD4E02B04DQARTPD4E02B04DQAR Texas Instruments TVS Diode 8.8V Clamp 5A 10-USON2010.0000
LM53601LQDSXRQ1LM53601LQDSXRQ1 Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 3.5-36V 1A 10-WSON2,9470.0000
SN74AVC4T774PWRSN74AVC4T774PWR Texas Instruments Bus Transceiver 4-bit 380Mbps 16-TSSOP00.0000
TPD6S300RUKRTPD6S300RUKR Texas Instruments ^USB Type-C Port Protector 3.3V 20-WQFN00.0000
TPS2561DRCRTPS2561DRCR Texas Instruments Power Controller 6.5V 2.8A 10-VSON00.0000
TPS54360BDDARTPS54360BDDAR Texas Instruments DC-DC Converter Adjustable 0.8V 3.5A 8-SOIC00.0000
CDC351DWCDC351DW Texas Instruments Clock Driver 3.3V 24-SOIC00.0000
DP83867CRRGZRDP83867CRRGZR Texas Instruments Ethernet Physical Layer Controller 3.3V 48-VQFN00.0000
TPS562200DDCRTPS562200DDCR Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 17V 2A SOT-23-600.0000
LMV431BIMF/NOPBLMV431BIMF/NOPB Texas Instruments V-Ref Adjustable 1.24V to 30V 15mA SOT-2300.0000
SN74LVC3G17DCTRSN74LVC3G17DCTR Texas Instruments Buffer 1.65-5.5V 8-SSOP00.0000
LM337IMP/NOPBLM337IMP/NOPB Texas Instruments Voltage Regulator 1.5A SOT-223-400.0000
TPS2052BDRG4TPS2052BDRG4 Texas Instruments Power Switch 500mA 8-SOIC00.0000