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Electro Corp (Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions)

electrocorpElectro Corp was acquired by Honeywell in 2002 with over 55 years providing speed, presence, and position sensors to the truck, tractor, off-road, recreational, rail, aerospace, industrial, manufacturing, agricultural equipment and process control industries. Electro provided speed, presence, and position sensors to a wide variety of industries including process control, agricultural, manufacturing, aerospace, recreational, truck, tractor, off-road, and rail.

Electro Corp designed and manufactured noncontact magnetic, speed, proximity, & position sensors. Electro Corp provide sensing solutions in VRS, Hall Effect, MR and Eddy Current sensors. Electro Corp’s products: Magnetic – Hall – Speed – Position – Timing – Direction – Angular – Rotary – Linear – Potentiometer – Sensors – Vrs – Hall-effect – Passive – Active – Variable Reluctance – Analog – Digital – Non-contact – Aerospace – Rail – Truck – Off-road – Factory – Automation – Electro Corporation – Electro – Bs Electro – Electro Po – Electro Eb – Electro Inc – Electro In