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Fronter Crystal – Frequency Control and Timing Devices

fronter electronics
Fronter Electronics is a leader in design, manufacture and marketing of quartz electronic components in China. The formation of Fronter Electronics Co., Ltd. began in Shenzhen China in 1991 and focused on sales of quartz crystal devices. This initial focus rapidl expanded to include the founding of its own factory in Shenzhen, which providing monolithic crystal filters and HC-49US and HC-49US / SMD crystal resonators with Motorola OEM manufacturers for their walkie-talkies and cordless phones production. With 10 years development, Fronter made the next step–set up its HK office with the name of Hong Kong Fronter Electronics Co., Ltd in 2001. This new operation allowed Fronter to expand its activities by utlizing the rapidly expanding, technically trained force that came from famous institutes mainland to support the development of certain type of new products like crystal filters with 8 poles and 10 poles to the market worldwide. The same time, Fronter expanded investment in manufacturing facilities in Shandong province to set up Fronter Electronics (Shandong) Co., Ltd. and Hebei factory. In 2006, Fronter increased the investment to Shandong factory and set up R&D in design of crystal filters. Now Fronter (Shandong) is the largest professional manufacturer of crystal filters.


  • Quartz Crystal Resonators
    • SMD MHz
    • DIP MHz
    • SMD Tuning Fork
    • DIP Tuning Fork
  • Quartz Crystal Oscillators
    • PXO
    • VCXO
  • Silicon Programmable Oscillator
    • Low Power Oscillators
    • Ultra Performance
    • Differential Oscillators
    • (VC)TCXO
  • Quartz Crystal Filter
    • MCF
    • SCF
  • Ceramic Resonators & Filters
    • Ceramic Resonators
    • Ceramic Filters
    • Ceramic Discriminators
  • SAW Resonators & Filters