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ALLEGRO TMPTA05 Bipolar Transistor NPN 60V 100MA SMD SOT-23

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Quick Overview

Allegro - MicroSystems Diode TMPTAO5 Micro Miniature Transistor 60V SOT23

ALLEGRO TMPTA05 Bipolar Transistor NPN 60V 100MA SMD SOT-23

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ALLEGRO TMPTA05 Bipolar Transistor NPN 60V 100MA SMT / SMD TO-236AA, 3 PIN SOT-23

The TMP05/TMP06 are monolithic temperature sensors that generate a modulated serial digital output (PWM), which varies in direct proportion to the temperature of the devices. The high period (TH ) of the PWM remains static over all temperatures, while the low period (TL) varies. The B Grade version offers a high temperature accuracy of ±1°C from 0°C to 70°C with excellent transducer linearity. The digital output of the TMP05/ TMP06 is CMOS-/TTL-compatible and is easily interfaced to the serial inputs of most popular microprocessors. The flexible open-drain output of the TMP06 is capable of sinking 5 mA.

The TMP05/TMP06 are specified for operation at supply voltages from 3 V to 5.5 V. Operating at 3.3 V, the supply current is typically 370 μA. The TMP05/TMP06 are rated for operation over the –40°C to +150°C temperature range. It is not recommended to operate these devices at temperatures above 125°C for more than a total of 5% (5,000 hours) of the lifetime of the devices. They are packaged in low cost, low area SC-70 and SOT-23 packages.

The TMP05/TMP06 have three modes of operation: continuously converting mode, daisy-chain mode, and one shot mode. A three-state FUNC input determines the mode in which the TMP05/TMP06 operate.

The CONV/IN input pin is used to determine the rate at which the TMP05/TMP06 measures temperature in continuously converting mode and one shot mode. In daisy-chain mode the, CONV/IN pin operates as the input to the daisy chain.

Product Highlights

  1. The TMP05/TMP06 have an on-chip temperature sensor that allows an accurate measurement of the ambient temperature. The measurable temperature range is –40°C to +150°C.
  2. Supply voltage is 3 V to 5.5 V.
  3. Space-saving 5-lead SOT-23 and SC-70 packages.
  4. Temperature accuracy is typically ±0.5°C. Each part needs a decoupling capacitor to achieve this accuracy.
  5. Temperature resolution of 0.025°C.
  6. The TMP05/TMP06 feature a one shot mode that reduces the average power consumption to 102 μW at 1 SPS.


  • Isolated sensors
  • Environmental control systems
  • Computer thermal monitoring
  • Thermal protection
  • Industrial process control
  • Power-system monitors

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Allegro
Product Category: Bipolar Transistors - BJT
Configuration: Single
Transistor Polarity: NPN
Collector- Base Voltage VCBO: 60 V
Collector- Emitter Voltage VCEO Max: 60 V
Emitter- Base Voltage VEBO: 4 V
Maximum DC Collector Current: 0.5 A
Gain Bandwidth Product fT: 100 MHz (Min)
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 150 C
Mounting Style: SMD/SMT
Package / Case: TO-236AA, 3 PIN
Brand: Allegro
DC Collector/Base Gain hfe Min: 100 at 10 mA at 1 V, 100 at 100 mA at 1 V
Pd - Power Dissipation: 300 mW
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