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Zeus TFE-20 Natural 20 AWG TFE Tubing

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Zeus PTFE Tubing, Heat Shrink Tube, PTFE 2:1 AWG and Fractional Heat Shrink

Zeus TFE-20 Natural 20 AWG TFE Tubing

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ZEUS TFE-20 Natural 20 AWG TFE Tubing (Sold by the Foot)

Heat Shrinkable Tubing PTFE 2:1 AWG Zeus fluoropolymer heat shrink provides the ideal method for the application of a tight, protective jacketing to items that ultimately will be subjected to extremes of heat, corrosion, shock, moisture, or other critical environmental conditions. The application of heat shrink tubing extends the life of such items indefinitely and assures their reliable performance. 

Heat Shrinking Guidelines for PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing

  1. Always assure good ventilation in the immediate work area before beginning the heat shrink process. (Caution: Fumes can cause nausea and dizziness).
  2. PTFE heat shrink tubing requires approximately 650 °F ± 25 °F (340 °C ± 5 °C) to initiate shrinkage. While this is a liberally safe range, these temperatures are approximate. Actual shrink temperatures may vary based on dimensions and wall thickness of the tubing, methods of heat application, and other factors. Zeus is happy to provide samples to test in your application and help you determine your best material choice.
  3. The mandrel (part) to be covered by the heat shrink must be able to tolerate the range of the heat shrink temperature.
  4. Parts or mandrels may act as a heat sink which may cool the heat shrink prematurely or require more time to reach the necessary temperature. Therefore, Zeus recommends preheating larger diameter mandrels and other parts.
  5. Generally, heat shrink should be allowed to recover a minimum of 20%. You may experience some slight longitudinal change depending on the amount of recovery. 
  6. Heating and cooling should be even on all sides for best results. Uneven heating or cooling tends to split the side of the heat shrink that is still in the "gel" state while the other side may be in the hard or crystalline state, particularly upon recovery.
  7. Ovens are the most reliable way to recover heat shrink products due to their ability to ensure even heating and reduce the risk of overheating the material (which can lead to brittleness and cracking).  If a heat gun is to be used, please contact Zeus for tips on proper heat application to achieve the most uniform recovery.

Zeus PTFE heat shrink tubing is available with of 2:1 and 4:1 shrink ratios and can be selected based on American Wire Gauge (AWG) or fractional sizes. This heat shrinkable material incorporates all of the same high standards and characteristics of PTFE. We also provide custom specifications and tolerances including our Sub-Lite-Wall® sizes upon request.

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