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3G Shielding Specialties

For over two decades, 3G Shielding Specialties has been a trusted partner for leading electronics companies, providing cutting-edge solutions for shielding advanced electronic applications. As an ISO 9001 registered enterprise, 3G is committed to delivering seamless service pathways throughout the entire product lifecycle, from prototyping to JIT manufacturing supply.

Specializing in board-level shields, EMI gaskets, microwave absorbers, and thermal materials, 3G caters to a diverse range of industries including defense, aerospace, telecommunications, and more. Their team of application engineers brings decades of specialized expertise to the table, working closely with clients to understand their requirements and recommend tailored solutions.

With ITAR registration and US Department of Defense certification, 3G is equipped to support applications controlled by ITAR, with a significant percentage of their products deployed in defense electronic applications. Their solutions range from high-performance lightweight circuit board shielding to hybrid shield technologies incorporating multiple materials like absorbers and conductive gaskets.

For ruggedized enclosure shielding in harsh environments, 3G offers custom-fabricated conductive elastomers, specializing in fluorosilicone materials using proprietary vulcanizing technology. Clients rely on 3G to reduce engineering and design effort, allowing them to focus on other challenges while 3G specifies and documents shielding solutions that work. Trust 3G Shielding Specialties for unparalleled expertise in shielding solutions.

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3G Shielding Specialties PIC-N-202C
3G Shielding Specialties PIC-S-204C
3G Shielding Specialties SB033-010-03-A
3G Shielding Specialties TW-T350-01-05
3G Shielding Specialties WS-3135-KR-2400
3G Shielding Specialties WS-3275-KD-2400

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