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ABC Taiwan Electronics

ABC Taiwan Electronics, a renowned manufacturer based in Taoyuan City, specializes in cutting-edge electronic components, including inductors, transformers, stamping components, and plastic molding. Their diverse product line caters to various industries such as TV, network communication, power, and PC manufacturing.

Their extensive range of electronic components comprises filter coils, line filters, power inductors, radial inductors, SMD line filters, SMD power inductors, shielded SMD power inductors, semi-shielded SMD power inductors, multilayer chip inductors, multilayer chip beads, wound chip inductors, and axial inductors. Additionally, they offer transformers, MPC heat-sinks, and stamping and plastic molding products, ensuring comprehensive solutions for their clientele's needs.

Among their innovative offerings are MPC-based Thermal Solutions, MPC Plates, and Improved Glazing Base Power Inductorsdesigned to enhance performance and efficiency in electronic applications. Their expertise extends to Fecera Applications, EMI Gel Applications, and advanced electronics components driven by inductor technology.

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