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Abracon / AEL Crystals

AEL Crystals, powered by Abracon, is a leading provider of innovative timing and frequency components since 1960 specializing in frequency control technologies. AEL offers a diverse range of high-quality products including quartz crystals, oscillators, and resonators.

AEL Crystals serves a wide array of industries, including telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and industrial manufacturing. Their precision-engineered components play a crucial role in ensuring accurate timing and reliable frequency control in a variety of electronic devices and systems.

In the telecommunications sector, AEL Crystals' products are integral to the operation of wireless communication networks, satellite communications, and data transmission systems. Their quartz crystals and oscillators provide stable and precise timing, enhancing the performance and reliability of communication equipment.

In the automotive industry, AEL Crystals' components are used in engine control units (ECUs), navigation systems, and safety systems such as collision avoidance and driver assistance systems. Their products contribute to the efficient operation and safety of modern vehicles.

AEL Crystals also serves the aerospace industry, providing components for avionics systems, radar systems, and satellite navigation. Their products meet the stringent requirements for reliability and performance in aerospace applications, ensuring safe and accurate operation in challenging environments.

With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to quality, AEL Crystals continues to be a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable timing and frequency solutions. Explore their comprehensive product lineup and discover how AEL Crystals can meet your specific application requirements.



AEL Crystals AEL4303CS/32.000MHZ
AEL Crystals C12M000000L003
AEL Crystals C12M000000L003
AEL Crystals C20M000000S005
AEL Crystals C40M000000L001
AEL Crystals C8M000000L004
AEL Crystals E3SB16.0000F09G11AE
AEL Crystals F455K000L025

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