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Advanced Cable Ties

Advanced Cable Ties, based in Gardner, MA, is the leading manufacturer of high-strength cable ties, plastic ties, and wire ties. Specializing exclusively in cable ties, Advanced Cable Ties designs and produces the strongest fasteners in the world. 

Their products are essential for organizing and securing items across a wide range of industries, including automotive, electrical, construction, and manufacturing.

Every day, businesses and individuals globally rely on Advanced Cable Ties for both temporary and permanent fastening solutions. While their products might not always be in the spotlight, they are the unsung heroes behind the success of countless industries and applications. Committed to quality and innovation, Advanced Cable Ties ensures that their cable ties are unmatched in strength and reliability. When it comes to securing and organizing, Advanced Cable Ties sets the standard for excellence.



Advanced Cable Ties AL-04-18-0-C
Advanced Cable Ties AL-04-18-0-M
Advanced Cable Ties AL-04-18-12-C
Advanced Cable Ties AL-04-18-9-C
Advanced Cable Ties AL-04-18-9-M
Advanced Cable Ties AL-06-18-0-C
Advanced Cable Ties AL-06-18-0-M
Advanced Cable Ties AL-08-120-0-C

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