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AEM Electronics (USA), Inc. is an award-winning high-tech company serving the information and telecommunication industries with its leading technologies in proprietary materials, patented processes, and specialty equipment for the manufacturing of multilayer ceramic components.

AEM’s products, include AEM SolidMatrix® SMD fuse, GcDiode® ultra low capacitance ESD Suppressors, AirMatrix® SMD fuse, multilayer resistors, ferrite beads, and inductors. These products have excellent performance, high reliability and are your best choice for electronic fuse circuit protection and signal integrity.

From automotive electronics to consumer electronic products like mobile phones and computers, AEM ferrite/ceramic chip beads and inductors are used globally for EMI signal filtering in electronic industries.


Monolithic structure for closed magnetic path and high reliability
Standard EIA/EIAJ chip sizes such as 0402/1005, 0603/1608, 0805/2012, and 1206/3216
A complete set of ferrite/ceramics and electrode materials providing a wide range of electrical properties for high speed and high power applications
Superior termination bonding strength



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