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Aeonsemi, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, is a leading fabless Integrated Circuit (IC) design company specializing in analog, mixed-signal, and DSP-centric products. Founded with a vision to revolutionize data networking, Aeonsemi is supported by renowned venture capital firms like Walden International, IDG Capital, Susquehanna International Group, and Sequoia Capital.

Their cutting-edge Arcadiumâ„¢ timing and ChronoPHYâ„¢ DSP technologies drive a strong product release pipeline, positioning Aeonsemi at the forefront of industry innovation.

Aeonsemi's product portfolio caters to a diverse range of industries, including communication, where their chips enhance network reliability and efficiency; industrial applications, where they optimize process control and automation systems; and automotive sectors, where they enable advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automotive infotainment.

With a commitment to excellence and technological advancement, Aeonsemi is poised for significant growth as they continue to push the boundaries of data networking capabilities. Explore Aeonsemi's groundbreaking solutions and experience the future of intelligent computing networks.

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Aeonsemi 5001DAC200M0000ABIT
Aeonsemi 5001IAC50M00000BBI
Aeonsemi 5001IAC50M00000BBIR

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