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AIC Tech

AIC Tech Inc., born from the esteemed legacy of Hitachi AIC Inc., specializes in manufacturing aluminum electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors tailored for power electronics. Since its establishment on April 1, 2020, AIC Tech has upheld a 70-year tradition of excellence in capacitor technology. Their aluminum electrolytic capacitors, renowned for their reliability and efficiency, find widespread applications in inverters, DCDC converters, power supplies, and beyond, enhancing the performance of power electronic devices.

With ISO9001 certification for quality management and ISO14001 certification for environmental protection, AIC Tech ensures the highest standards in product quality and manufacturing processes, earning a stellar reputation in the industry.

As a global leader in passive electronic components, AIC caters primarily to the solar photovoltaic, automotive, and power markets, delivering superior capacitors designed and quality-controlled in Japan. Their product lineup includes a variety of capacitors, including aluminum electrolytic capacitors (screw terminal type, radial type, snap mount type) and film capacitors (resin encased type, metal encased type), meeting diverse application needs with precision and reliability.

In addition to capacitors, AIC Tech also produces metalized film products and offers deposition film solutions for packaging, construction materials, agricultural use, and emergency blankets. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, AIC Tech stands as a trusted partner in providing superior electronic components and services globally.

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