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AirBorn offers thousands of specialized connectors for aerospace, medical, manufacturing, instrumentation, storage and networking, space exploration and energy industries. AirBorn was founded in 1958 manufacturing electronic connectors for the military and aerospace markets. Throughout the years AirBorn’s customer base expanded to include connectors for commercial applications in fields such as medical technology and commercial aviation.

AirBorn is proud to have become very well known for their value added services and the quality of the products they supply. They partner with their customers in multiple industries by providing value added services and excellent customer service to create custom solutions mission critical systems where high performance and total reliability are essential.

Products manufactured range from individual printed circuit boards to completely assembled and tested systems. AirBorn’s PCB services include full in-line SMT assembly, thru-hole/mixed technology assembly, electro-mechanical/ chassis integration, prototype and pre-production runs, and specialized rework and EC wiring.



AirBorn 13682779-2 REV D
AirBorn 16102026-001 REV A
AirBorn 16102026-001 REV C
AirBorn 16102026-002 REV C
AirBorn 16102026-003 REV A
AirBorn 16102026-003 REV C
AirBorn 16102026-004 REV A

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