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Amatom is a leading manufacturer of electronic hardware, in service for over 50 years. The Amatom global client market includes other manufacturers and assembly markets. Among the Amatom notable electronic hardware products include:

  • Metric Standoffs
  • Amatom Spacers
  • Handles and Ferrules
  • Captive Panel Hardware
  • Insulating Washers
  • Heavy Duty Handles
  • Panel Bushings
  • And More

Amatom hardware parts may be purchased through IBS Electronics Inc and shipped anywhere in the world. Among our best-selling Amatom products are: enclosures, cabinets and racks, PC boards, and front panel components. Hardware selections include insulating and shielding materials, such as: bushings, fasteners, grommets, insulation materials, spacers, and washers. We also sell Amatom standoffs, terminal blocks and standoff terminals.

Company History

Amatom was founded in 1957 New Rochelle, NY by Lowell Abeles. At the time, Abeles was a manufacturing broker for the New York market. In the 1960’s, Abeles began his own, in-house operator for modifying parts to his customer’s liking. Two years later, Amatom became a full-service manufacturer of its own.

Among the Amatom milestones include Abeles’ self-published “Bible of the Electronic Hardware Industry,” a reference manual. Amatom hardware is a well-known and a highly sought after company by manufacturers.

In 2003, Amatom became part of Carey Manufacturing.



Amatom 10200-SS-0632-7
Amatom 10203-A-0832-2C
Amatom 10219-SS-0632-0
Amatom 10304-A-1032-2
Amatom 10350-SS-1032-7
Amatom 10350-SS-1032-7
Amatom 10497-SS-1032-0
Amatom 10497-SS-1032-0

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