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American Microsemiconductor

American Microsemiconductor, Inc., established in 1972, stands as a premier supplier of semiconductors and discrete active electronic components. With a rich history spanning four decades, the company has built a reputation for excellence in supplying semiconductor components to major industrial clients globally. Specializing in semiconductor solutions for commercial, industrial, military, and aerospace applications, American Microsemiconductor offers a comprehensive range of products to meet diverse industry needs.

One of the key strengths of American Microsemiconductor lies in its ability to provide solutions for obsolete integrated circuits crucial for the continued operation of vital electronic systems. By offering replacements and repair options, the company contributes to extending the lifespan of customers' products, ensuring operational continuity and cost-effectiveness.

Staffed by experienced sales and logistics professionals, American Microsemiconductor ensures efficient handling of customer requirements, maintaining low lead times, fair pricing, and timely delivery. The company's robust supply chain management involves close monitoring and cultivation of relationships with reliable sources, while mitigating potential risks associated with procurement. With a commitment to excellence and adaptability, American Microsemiconductor continues to be a trusted partner in the electronics industry.

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American Micro Semic 1N5536C

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