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Ametek Programmable Power / Sorensen

Sorensen, a division of AMETEK Programmable Power, stands at the forefront of high-power electronic DC power supply manufacturing. Specializing in a robust lineup that includes DC programmable power supplies, DC switching power supplies, and electronic loads, Sorensen serves a broad spectrum of industries requiring precise power management and testing capabilities. These sectors range from aerospace and automotive to telecommunications and laboratory research.

Sorensen’s product offerings extend from benchtop units to sophisticated rack-mounted industrial power subsystems, with capacities ranging from 30W to an impressive 150kW. The products feature voltage capabilities from 5V to 1,000V and current capacities from 1A to 8,000A, designed to cater to extensive R&D, power bus simulation, DC power testing, and power conditioning needs across various industrial applications.

The brand, enriched by its heritage from Elgar Electronics Corporation and subsequent evolution under Xantrex and AMETEK, is synonymous with reliability and performance. Notable for their exceptional load transient response and low noise output, the Sorensen SG series, including the SGI (General purpose Intelligent) and SGA (General Purpose Analog) models, offers advanced features such as sophisticated sequencing, constant power modes, and multilingual interfaces.

Sorensen's commitment to technological innovation is evident in their advanced digital monitoring and control features, industry-leading power density, and precision, making their power supplies the go-to choice for professionals seeking dependable, high-performance solutions for complex electronic system testing and maintenance.



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