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Amperite Co.

Amperite, a division of Olympic Controls Corporation, stands out as a premier manufacturer of time delay relays, flashers, and controlling devices, catering to electronic distribution and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). With a focus on customization and specialty-designed products, Amperite ensures smooth equipment operation for its clients across various industries.

Amperite's extensive product line includes Delay-On-Break TDRs, Delay-On-Dropout TDRs, Delay-On-Make TDRs, One-Shot or Interval Timers, Programmable Recycling Timers/Flashers, Recycling Timers/Flashers, and Triggered Delay-On-Release TDRs. These high-quality relay products serve critical functions in automotive, industrial, aerospace, and military applications, meeting the diverse needs of modern design requirements.

Amperite's advantage lies in its 50+ years of legacy leadership, extensive full-service capabilities, and a dedicated team committed to continuous improvement. From prototype to production, their 20,000 sq. ft. facility in the USA ensures the development of custom components and assemblies that exceed customer expectations, even meeting stringent military standards.


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