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All Sensors Corporation manufactures MEMS piezoresitive pressure sensors and pressure transducers. It offers uncompensated, mV output, amplified output, and digital output pressure sensors. The company’s solutions are used in ventilators, transport ventilators, sleep apnea, oxygen delivery, drug delivery, portable oxygen therapy, lung spirometry, blood pressure monitoring, hospital beds, electrocardiograms, HVAC monitoring devices, building monitoring systems, environmental monitoring devices, remote sensing, industrial automation, air sampling, air speed, and leak detection applications. It sells its products through distributors.

All Sensors manufactures and sells MEMS piezo-resistive pressure sensors. Corporate headquarters is located in Morgan Hill, CA just south of San Jose. Low pressure, high stability and accuracy are the company’s focus.

Third generation electronics provides superior design, reliability, technology, and quality. Ideal markets are medical, military, industrial, and HVAC products with a focus on low-pressure applications for flow measurement and control. Pressure sensors are provided in various package sizes with compensated analog or digital outputs. Basic electrical outputs are also available. Surface mount basic pressure sensors are available as a low cost, small form factor option.

The sensors are available with several port configurations, board mountable options, and custom lead bends. Board level value added solutions are also available upon request. Our engineering team has the capability to provide customers with a unique cost effective solution that will add to the bottom line. Pressure ranges are available as low as ¼ inch water full scale to 150 PSI.

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