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Amphenol Pcd

The Industrial/Avionics Division of PCD Inc., established in 1977, was acquired by Amphenol Corporation in May, 2003 and renamed Amphenol Pcd.

Amphenol PCD is a world market leader in fieldbus, System Attachments, Junction Modules, Relay Sockets, Terminal Blocks, Rectangular & Circular Connectors, and Cable Assemblies & Adapters. The company is dedicated to providing users with a wide variety of high reliability, high performance connectors and rugged system packages. The primary end markets for Amphenol PCD products are commercial and military aerospace, military ground vehicles, military electronics and communications, harsh environment industrial applications and shipboard applications.

Amphenol Pcd is a world market leader in avionic relay sockets and junction modules; and the leading US manufacturer of pluggable terminal blocks and interface modules for industrial applications. The company, which operates from a new, world-class facility in Beverly, MA, remains focused on avionic and industrial control interconnects and terminal blocks, and is now a subsidiary of Amphenol.



Amphenol Pcd 00110120210
Amphenol Pcd 00110201060
Amphenol Pcd 00110410002
Amphenol Pcd 00110420002
Amphenol Pcd 00110430102
Amphenol Pcd 00110919038
Amphenol Pcd 00110921042
Amphenol Pcd 00111510302

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