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Amphenol Socapex

Amphenol Socapex has been a leader in providing reliable and innovative interconnection solutions for harsh environments since 1947. Specializing in standard and customized electrical and fiber optic connectors, contacts, accessories, and cabling solutions, Amphenol Socapex ensures superior performance and durability in demanding conditions.
With locations in the Mont Blanc region of France and Pune, India, Amphenol Socapex serves customers in over 100 countries worldwide. Their extensive product range caters to various industries, including aerospace, defense, industrial, telecommunications, and more.
Whether it's ruggedized connectors for military applications, high-speed data connectors for aerospace systems, or fiber optic solutions for industrial automation, Amphenol Socapex delivers cutting-edge interconnection solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each industry.
As part of the renowned Amphenol Corporation, Amphenol Socapex upholds the highest standards of quality, reliability, and innovation, ensuring that their customers receive world-class interconnect solutions for their critical applications. Experience the reliability and performance of Amphenol Socapex interconnect solutions for your next project.



Amphenol Socapex 107050020
Amphenol Socapex 12796AF1YC
Amphenol Socapex 157-900198-91
Amphenol Socapex 171-800635-00
Amphenol Socapex 171-800780-91
Amphenol Socapex 171-800946-00
Amphenol Socapex 171-802206-X0
Amphenol Socapex 171-822939-00

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