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AND Optoelectronics has been a premier manufacturer of high-performance LEDs and LED-based segment displays for over 30 years catering to various industries and applications, offering innovative solutions for diverse needs.

AND's product range includes 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm ultra-bright LED lamps, ideal for wire lead lamps. They also specialize in surface-mount LED lamps, offering a variety of options such as flat, domed, top, and right-angle configurations. LED segment displays come in seven-segment and sixteen-segment versions, available in various sizes, colors, intensities, and with options for cathode or anode polarity.

The company's product lineup features Red, Orange-Amber, Yellow, Green, Blue, and White LED lamps, along with Dual-Color LED lamps and LED lamps with special-shaped packages. They also offer Red and Green 7 & 16 Segment LED Displays.

AND Optoelectronics' LEDs and displays are designed for high performance, reliability, and longevity. Their products find applications in industries such as aviation, automotive, electronics, industrial, and more.

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AND Optoelectronics AND114-R
AND Optoelectronics AND180HRP
AND Optoelectronics AND420HWA

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