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ASC Capacitors

For over 70 years, American Shizuki Corporation (ASC Capacitors) has been a pioneer in custom film and foil capacitor manufacturing. As a division of Shizuki Electric Company of Japan, ASC specializes in engineering capacitors tailored to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Originally founded as Goodall Electric Company by Robert Goodall, a renowned inventor, ASC has a rich history of supplying capacitors for critical applications such as proximity fuses for the United States Navy. Acquired by TRW Electronics in the 1960s, ASC continued its legacy of capacitor development, contributing to advancements in various electronic fields, including televisions and space exploration.

In 1987, Shizuki Electric acquired the capacitor division, introducing AC technology and expanding the product line to include motor run capacitors alongside DC capacitors. Today, ASC offers a comprehensive range of DC capacitors rated from 50V to 30,000V and AC capacitors from 120V to 2500V.

ASC capacitors find applications in diverse industries worldwide, including wind and solar power conversion, variable speed motor drives, electronics, military, and power conditioning. With a commitment to quality and innovation, ASC capacitors continue to play a vital role in advancing technology across various sectors.



ASC Capacitors 1D49838-513
ASC Capacitors 329S-.22-10-1200
ASC Capacitors 329S-.47-10-1200
ASC Capacitors 329S-.47-10-600
ASC Capacitors 329S-1.0-10-600
ASC Capacitors 329S-2.0-10-600
ASC Capacitors 329SC .47-10-1200
ASC Capacitors 663 .01 100V 10%

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