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Associated Components Technology, Inc. (ACT)

Associated Components Technology, Inc. (ACT) is a trusted manufacturer specializing in electronic inductors, coils, chokes, transformers, and other magnetics crucial for printed circuit boards. With expertise in both surface mount and conventional through-hole types, ACT delivers high-quality components to meet diverse industry needs.

One of ACT's key strengths is its ultra-fast turnaround, offering large production quantities in as little as six weeks—far quicker than the industry standard. This agility is vital in industries with short product lifecycles, ensuring customers receive their orders promptly. Committed to customer satisfaction, ACT prioritizes service excellence, competitive pricing, and continuous improvement.

Founded in 1989, ACT operates as a privately held corporation with a clear mission: to provide top-tier service and a comprehensive range of inductive components at competitive prices. Their dedication to quality, customer focus, and constant improvement sets them apart, earning trust from over 200 OEM, CEM, EMS, and design engineering customers worldwide. Choose ACT for reliable, high-quality magnetic components backed by unparalleled service and industry expertise.

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