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Avalex Technologies

Mercury Systems

Avalex Technologies is a premier manufacturer of mission-ready surveillance equipment, specializing in displays and product integration for special missions operations. Their innovative range of avionics and electronic products caters to defense, law enforcement, search and rescue, and commercial operators globally. Leveraging modern technologies like 3D printing and multi-axis machining, Avalex designs and manufactures cutting-edge solutions to enhance mission success.

Their product lineup includes cockpit management units, smart multi-function displays, tablets, digital mapping systems, digital video recorders, mission computers, and cockpit pressure oxygen warning systems. Each product is meticulously crafted to meet the demanding requirements of mission-critical environments.

Recently acquired by Mercury Systems, Avalex is now part of a leading provider of trusted, secure mission-critical technologies in the aerospace and defense sectors. Together, they aim to make advanced technologies more accessible and drive innovation in the industry. With a commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Avalex continues to deliver superior solutions to its clients worldwide.

Product Listing



Mercury Systems 3H32ET-24.000
Mercury Systems 5H8ET-16.000
Mercury Systems MQ-25.000-12-30/30/4085
Mercury Systems MQ-6.000-12-30/30/4085
Mercury Systems MQ-7.3728-12-30/30/4085
Mercury Systems MQ-8.000-12-30/30/4085
Mercury Systems VM53S3-25.000-2.5/-30+75
Mercury Systems X22-32.000-12-30/30/4085

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