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AVX Corporation / Ethertronics

Ethertronics design and manufacture high-performance embedded antenna and RF systems solutions that support an array of applications to create the best connected experience for operators, OEMs, and consumers. The company’s IMD antennas are insensitive to changes in ground planes or local interference, the design enables flexibility to tune for multiple frequencies in confined spaces and for active tuning for radiation pattern coverage as well as frequency, minimizing time-to-market and development costs. Ethertronics is a leading provider of embedded antenna solutions for wideband and multi-band wireless devices. Ethertronics’ leading-edge product lines, including Prestta™ stamped metal, Savvi™ ceramic, and Tavvel™ active antennas support a wide range of wireless applications including cellular, M2M, LTE, UMTS, WiFi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, GPS, FM, MediaFLO, Analog Mobile TV, CMMB, ISDB-T, and DVB-H/T among others.

Ethertronics is a global leader and innovator in ultra-high-performance smart antenna system solutions for wireless communications. Ethertronics Active Steering Antenna technology provides performance enhancements for throughput, range, efficiency and reliability across a range of applications, from 5G to Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things. Ethertronics has shipped over 1.8 billion antenna systems that are being used by leading wireless handset and device manufacturers worldwide. Ethertronics maintains a global network of world-class design centers and low-cost manufacturing operations, with a combination of local and centralized supply chain operations. Strategically located in Shanghai, China.

AVX Corporation completed the purchase of Ethertronics, Inc., a privately held manufacturer of passive and active antenna systems. AVX is a leading worldwide manufacturer, supplier, and reseller of a broad line of electronic components and interconnect, sensing and control devices and related products. AVX’s components can be found in products manufactured in a very broad range of industries worldwide. AVX is headquartered in Fountain Inn, SC. AVX can be found on the Internet at

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