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Azumo, formerly known as FLEx Lighting, is a pioneering force in the display industry. Founded in Chicago in 2008, Azumo has been at the forefront of innovation, developing cutting-edge technologies to enhance display efficiency and effectiveness.
With a focus on creating breakthrough light transmission systems, Azumo's flagship product, the FLEx front light panel, revolutionizes the display industry with its compact design and unparalleled performance. By combining LEDs and optical film, Azumo delivers a superior display experience that is both efficient and safe for users.
Named for the azure sky, a symbol of natural light, and "lumo" representing lumens, Azumo embodies its commitment to harnessing light for optimal display solutions. From reflective displays to advanced LCD 2.0 technology, Azumo continues to push the boundaries of display innovation, shaping the future of visual experiences across various industries.

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