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Barker Microfarads

Barker Microfarads (BMI) is a premier manufacturer of high-quality, USA-made aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Since its inception in 1990 by former Sprague Electric employees, BMI has been dedicated to producing high-reliability capacitors that meet or exceed customer expectations. BMI offers a wide range of DC capacitors, including axial- and radial-leaded designs, as well as a complete line of AC motor starting and motor run capacitors.

BMI’s DC capacitors are ideal for power supplies, filtering, by-pass, coupling-decoupling, energy storage, noise suppression, and more, serving industries such as automotive, telecommunications, computers, and electronic lighting. Their AC motor capacitors, renowned since 1993, are utilized in fractional horsepower motors, pump control boxes, air conditioning compressors, and garage door openers.

Committed to quality and innovation, BMI operates under ISO 9001 certification, ensuring the highest standards. With over 25 years of excellence, BMI continues to provide exceptional capacitors and customer service to markets worldwide, maintaining its position as a leader in the capacitor manufacturing industry.



Barker Microfarads 183-1277-110
Barker Microfarads 30LR568M010GH2ALF
Barker Microfarads 5R1580-012-0002
Barker Microfarads 600D157G050DL5
Barker Microfarads 600D566F050DD4
Barker Microfarads M39018/01-0745
Barker Microfarads M39018/01-0746
Barker Microfarads M39018/01-0768

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