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BusBoard Prototype Systems

BPS (BusBoard Prototype Systems), established in 1996, specializes in manufacturing high-quality prototyping products that simplify designers’ work. Renowned for their superior breadboards and innovative prototyping PCBs, BPS empowers engineers and hobbyists alike to build professional projects efficiently and affordably.

The company's signature BB830 and BB400 breadboards, marked with the BusBoard name, are trusted for their long-lasting electrical contact quality, featuring reliable phosphor bronze contacts that ensure secure connectivity across up to 50,000 insertions. These breadboards, along with BPS's unique prototyping PCB patterns, deliver exceptional springiness and dependable electrical performance for a range of wire gauges and connector types.

BPS’s product portfolio includes solderless plug-in breadboards, solderable PCB breadboards, Thru-Hole and SMT prototyping boards, enclosures, adhesive standoffs, and other essential accessories. By incorporating standardized power rail colors and clear hole legends, BPS products provide designers with practical and intuitive solutions that streamline the prototyping process.

With a commitment to making prototyping more accessible, BPS continues to deliver robust, dependable products that have become a trusted choice for leading companies and designers worldwide. Their innovation-driven approach ensures that customers have access to the prototyping products they need to build exceptional designs.


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