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Burndy is a leading manufacturer of connectors, fittings, and tooling. Burndy also manufacturers TAP, Terminate, and Splice conductors. Among Burndy’s top buyers are a wide range of industries, including electrical utilities, commercial, residential, contract, maintenance, telecommunications, and even renewable energy market. With over 85 years in the market of designing and manufacturing electrical connectors, Burndy is an excellent choice for your connection needs.


Founded in 1924 New York by Dr. Bern Dibner, Burndy is currently headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire and was family owned for many years. With a wide range of tooling capabilities, Burndy is an excellent choice for all connector needs and electrical connectors. 



Among Burndy’s most popular product offerings are the following:


  • Mechanical Connectors
  • Installation Tooling for battery, hydraulic, pneumatic, cable cutter, mechanical, LPHR, and tool tracking software.
  • Weldment Connectors for bus supports, couplers, terminals, and tee connectors.
  • Compression Connectors
  • IMPLO Technology, connectors of a small energy charge that is pre-wrapped around a metallic sleeve. Their IMPLO compression creates a permanent and high quality connection. Essentially, IMPLO products provide a stronger, more electrically efficient connection. Among their many benefits is the reduction of construction time, also eliminating project costs. 
  • Grounding Products including mechanical, compression, exothermic, tooling and accessories.
  • Wiley Products including clamping solutions, wire management, WEEB washers, bonding jumpers, grounding lugs, and ace conduit entry box.
  • Wetjap Connectors
  • Accessories 



Burndy 10005639-11109LF
Burndy 10018783-10011TLF
Burndy 10018783-10013TLF
Burndy 10018783-10102TLF
Burndy 10018784-10202TLF
Burndy 10018784-10210TLF
Burndy 10028916-4455P00LF
Burndy 10028916-5555P00LF

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