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C&K Components

C&K Components, founded in 1957, has built a position of leadership by providing one of the broadest lines of quality switches and a superior level of customer service. Their Design Innovation and Market Leadership resulted from combining the history, products and experience of three of the industries leading suppliers: C&K Components of Newton MA, USA; the Rudolf Schadow Company of Berlin, Germany; and the Jeanrenaud switch company of Dole, France. C&K Components extensive switch product line includes the industry’s broadest offering of toggle, rocker, pushbutton, tact, key, DIP, snap, switchlock, rotary, slide, and thumbwheel switches, as well as custom engineered switch designs.

C&K offers more than 40,000 unique part numbers including a comprehensive range of toggle, rocker, pushbutton, rotary, key, slide, DIP, thumbwheel, and illuminated switch products.



C&K Components 0318998101FR022
C&K Components 057190200
C&K Components 0S102011MS2QN1
C&K Components 0S203011MS1QP1
C&K Components 1.01102.0310205
C&K Components 1.14001.5030000
C&K Components 1.14001.5540000

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