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Calogic offers standard products, special selected, assembled and custom type products. Primary technologies include unique, high speed Dielectrically Isolated designs with surface mount packaging to introduce wideband, high slew rate buffers; a wide variety of discrete capabilities that include high speed lateral DMOS, low on resistance vertical DMOS switches, low noise, low leakage JFETs and high impedance MOSFETs that are excellent building blocks for today’s applications such as D to A converters, choppers, analog switches, buffers, amplifiers, automatic gain control, relay circuitry, etc.

Calogic is a manufacturer of analog Ics and discrete for automotive, aerospace, military and medical applications. Products include analog switches, current limiting diodes, MOSFETs, arrays, MOSFET drivers, and high frequency amplifiers. Calogic specializes in analog semiconductor design, processing, and manufacturing. They offer a line of standard products in BiPolar, CMOS, DMOS, JFET and Dielectrically isolated technologies, as well as full Custom IC capabilities from design to final test. Calogic builds to the highest quality product at the lowest overall cost. Special packaging and testing is available to meet specific customer needs.


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