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Canal Components

Since 1981, Canal Components has been manufacturing high quality, industry leading switches, sockets and breakers. To ensure consistency and reliability 90 percent of manufacturing takes place in-house were Canals production facilities are controlled and regulated by a highly efficient and effective quality management system. Canal is dedicated to providing consistency throughout its operations and has acquired and maintained ISO Certification to provide and guarantee high end reliable precision products. CCI has implemented the use of advanced technology and a highly capable workforce of over 1,000 to deliver world-class electro-mechanical products to its growing domestic and global customers.



Canal Components 2108-CQ
Canal Components A2R10-R04E
Canal Components A2R30-R04E
Canal Components A2R80-R04E
Canal Components AP 22800-S
Canal Components AP22909-BR
Canal Components AP22909-GR
Canal Components BS-800-L

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