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Caplugs is a leading manufacturer of plastic product protection including caps, plugs, tubing, containers, edge liners, fasteners, and netting. Caplugs’ products are used in a wide range of industries to keep items protected during shipment and storage as well as to keep open ports free of contaminants, protect delicate threads or protect its customers’ products by covering rough edges, exposed bolts, and exposed pipe ends.

Caplugs has been a global leader in product protection since 1948. With thousands of protective connector fittings, customers can easily find parts to fit their components, ensuring that their delicate connectors and assemblies are protected from impact damage, FOD and electrical charge during transit and storage.

The Caplugs line of electronics protection includes protective caps, plugs, netting, wraps, tubing and more for the industry’s most commonly used components, such as D-sub, fiber optic, threaded and bayonet styles, in range of materials including static dissipative, conductive, and non-sloughing.

Caplugs specializes in injection, vinyl-dip and extrusion molding. It offers over 9,000 custom and catalog parts with 400 million parts in stock for rapid delivery to its customers. Founded in 1948, Caplugs has been an industry leader for over 60 years. Through a separate division, Mokon, it also provides engineered solutions for process thermal control equipment.

Caplugs line of electronics protection is manufactured in the U.S. under a stringent ISO-certified quality management system, ensuring high-quality, reliable products.


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