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Carling Technologies

Carling Technologies is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hydraulic/magnetic and thermal circuit breakers, electrical switches and assemblies, as well as advanced systems including power distribution centers and electronic control systems. With five ISO registered manufacturing locations and technical sales offices worldwide, Carling Technologies ranks among the world’s largest privately owned manufacturers of hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers, thermal circuit breakers, electrical switches and assemblies, and advanced systems products including power distribution centers, digital switching systems, and electronic controls.



Carling Technologies 016-00107000
Carling Technologies 100-03838000
Carling Technologies 100-03838800
Carling Technologies 100-03880000
Carling Technologies 100-03880035
Carling Technologies 100-03880800
Carling Technologies 103-05239040
Carling Technologies 103-05239075

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