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Coil-Q Corporation stands at the forefront of RF coil manufacturing, catering to a diverse array of industries including Aerospace, DOD, Communications, Controls, Medical, Railway, and Commercial sectors. Renowned for its innovative solutions, Coil-Q specializes in producing temperature-stable standard values and custom-engineered coils and transformers, addressing the unique needs of its clientele.

Their product lineup boasts several key features, including the highest Q for its size without the use of ferrites, exceptionally low Temperature Constant (TC) of 30ppm/°C, and magnetic and electrostatic shielding for optimal performance. Each coil is meticulously sealed in epoxy for moisture protection and exhibits very low distributed capacitance, ensuring top-notch reliability and efficiency.

With a comprehensive range of 73 stock values from 0.1 to 100,000 µH, along with 9 nanohenery inductors, Coil-Q products are designed to meet stringent industry standards such as Mil-C-15305 C, Grade 1.

Whether it's for IF RF filter applications or addressing complex, discontinued, or retrofit needs, Coil-Q leverages industry-standard forms and cutting-edge engineering to deliver tailored solutions. From 5mm to 10mm, potcore to toroids, Coil-Q's custom-designed coils and transformers are poised to exceed expectations and drive innovation in the RF coil industry.

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