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Concord Electronics

Concord Electronics, Inc. specializes in delivering premium, tailor-made solutions to its clientele. With certifications as a MIL-DTL-39024 qualified supplier and expertise in manufacturing MIL-T-55155 (Group A) and A-A-59126 components, Concord Electronics excels in producing customized products that surpass the stringent standards of the military and aerospace sectors. Their offerings extend to encompass standard commercial applications as well. 

Whether it's precision-engineered components for defense systems or reliable solutions for everyday commercial use, Concord Electronics is committed to delivering excellence. Trust Concord Electronics for high-quality, bespoke electronic solutions designed to meet the exacting demands of diverse industries, ensuring reliability and performance in every application.



Concord 01-1009-1-0310
Concord 01-1010-1-0210
Concord 01-1010-1-0212
Concord 01-1032-1-0314
Concord 01-1032-1-0319
Concord 01-1033-1-0210
Concord 01-1033-8-0310
Concord 01-1044-1-0210

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