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Conesys offers products, such as general-purpose circular connectors, light to heavy duty metal-shell connectors, electromagnetic compatibility connectors, hermetically sealed connectors, filter and transient voltage suppression connectors, EMI filter and EMP transient suppression devices, circular and rectangular connectors, including filter and transient protection connectors, mil-spec circular connectors, fiber optic termini, copper and fiber interconnect systems, specialty cable assemblies, racks and panels, reverse bayonets, and application specific connectors, board to board connectors, modular miniature connectors, RF connectors, and filtered and shielded connectors, and back shells, junction boxes, and circular connectors and high performance interconnection systems. It also molds rubber and plastic components in house. The company provides its products for military/aerospace, commercial aviation, business aviation, aircraft engines, marine, heavy equipment, transportation, rail mass transit, geophysical, machine automation/motion control, medical equipment, general industrial, commercial, automotive, and telecommunications applications. For 30 years, Conesys has delivered on our mission to be a world-class supplier of interconnect solutions through customer satisfaction and leading-edge technology.

Completely vertically integrated from concept to design and development, through production, testing and distribution, Conesys can assist you in solving the most complex issues in a timely manner. Whether you require a standard product, a new product or a modification to an existing product, our expert team will find the interconnect solution to fit your needs.

Conesys markets brand names: Aero-Electric Connector, Aero Industrial Products, EMP Connectors, J-Tech, Conesys Europe, and ATI-Interco

Conesys / Aero-Electric Connector is a first-rate designer and cost competitive manufacturer of high performance environmental and firewall-rated cylindrical connectors machined from aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum nickel bronze. Conesys/J-Tech specializes in front and rear release 5015 connectors as well as customer-specific applications for customized connectors and fiber optic assemblies. Conesys/EMP Connectors designs and manufactures EMI filter and EMP transient suppression devices. Conesys Europe markets and assembles product for Aero-Electric, J-Tech and EMP. Conesys/Aero Industrial Products sells and manufactures connectors and cable assemblies intended for the industrial marketplace.



Conesys 1205-036-1001
Conesys 1205-126-1704
Conesys 1205-229-1102
Conesys 1205-229-1302
Conesys 1205-229-1502
Conesys 1205-229-2002
Conesys 1205-231-1702
Conesys 1205-232-1309

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