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Cool Innovations

Cool Innovations stands at the forefront of thermal management, specializing in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge pin fin heat sinks since 1996. Cool Innovations offers a wide range of copper and aluminum pin fin heat sinks tailored for surface mount devices, embedded applications, LEDs, power devices, and more.

As a leading provider in North America, Cool Innovations is recognized for its investment in research and development, consistently delivering the most advanced and powerful heat sinks available. Their product line includes heat sinks for semiconductors, power bricks, and a dedicated line for LED applications. The new flared pin fin heat sinks boast a revolutionary design, providing unmatched cooling power in natural convection environments, ideal for industrial and outdoor use.

Cool Innovations' pin fin heat sinks are designed to enable engineers to maximize power in their applications. Ranging in size from 0.27" x 0.27" to 10.00" x 10.00", these heat sinks are suitable for a wide array of industries, including Datacom, Telecom, Medical, Lighting, Military, and Power sectors.

Located in Concord, Ontario, Canada, Cool Innovations is dedicated to providing high-quality thermal management solutions to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide.

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