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Crescent Wiss

Crescent Wiss®, originally founded in 1847 by Jacob Wiss, has evolved into a market leader in cutting tools, under the Apex Tool Group, one of the largest hand tool manufacturers globally. Crescent Wiss specializes in high-performance scissors, snips, and specialty trade tools. The brand's journey began with forging surgical instruments and shears in Newark, New Jersey, and it gained prominence during the American Civil War by supplying scissors and shears for military use.

Over the years, Crescent Wiss expanded its product range to include trimmers, pruning shears, and tin snips, gaining a loyal customer base through its commitment to quality and durability. During World War II, Crescent Wiss's products were essential for military applications, contributing to radar, radio systems, and aircraft manufacturing. Post-war, their aviation snips became a civilian market bestseller and have remained a leading product for over 60 years due to their superior performance and durability.

Today, Crescent Wiss continues to innovate and lead in the cutting tool industry, offering over 2,600 high-quality hand tools under the Crescent name. Professional tradespeople trust Crescent Wiss for reliable, durable tools that get the job done right in various sectors, including aerospace, construction, and general industry.


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