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CW Industries

CW Industries supplies leading industrial, consumer and defense electronics manufacturers with complex electromechanical slide, rocker and pushbutton switches; insulation displacement and MIL SPEC connectors; and a variety of custom switches, custom connectors and assemblies that require a high level of precision, performance and reliability.

Custom Switches

Custom rocker and toggle switches designed by CW Industries are used by commercial and military OEMs. The switches are intended for mid to high volume production requirements.

Electromechanical Switches

CW Industries’ line of electromechanical switches includes rocker switches, push button switches, slide switches, sealed switches, and toggle switches. The various switches are rated up to 20A, IP 67, .5 to 16 A, or 25A depending on type. The push button switches are used in the consumer electronics, appliance, telecommunications, lawn and garden, instrumentation, automotive, and medical industries. The slide switches are available in micro-miniature, miniature and standard sized designs.

Illuminated Rocker Switches

CW Industries is a supplier of illuminated rocker switches with a full line from miniature to standard full size, and ratings of 16A @ 125 – 250Vac. Other features include maintained and momentary action. Center Off versions are available.

Illuminated Switches

CW Industries is a manufacturer of illuminated rocker switches, offering a full line from miniature to standard full-sized, ratings to 16A @ 125 – 250Vac, and maintained and momentary action configurations. Non-illuminated rocker switches are also available.

Push Button Switches

CW Industries manufactures pushbutton switches with unique terminations and wiring options. There are three series available for consumer electronics, appliance, telecommunications, lawn and garden, instrumentation, automotive and medical applications.

Rocker Switches

CW Industries manufactures a full line of rocker switches including miniature and full-sized models. The company’s rocker switches feature ratings up to 16A at 125-250Vac, and are available with maintained and momentary action.

Slide Switches

CW Industries offers a variety of slide switches, including: standard, miniature, micro, fully enclosed, and 2000 Series Power. Configurations include: top actuated momentary, slide actuated, top actuated maintained, top actuated panel mount, side actuated panel mount, side actuated 4-point PC, etc. Actuator styles include: standard, curved, screwdriver slot, standard grey/brown, flat, V-shape, etc. Switches are rated up to 16 amps @ 125 VAC.

Toggle Switches

CW Industries is a manufacturer of a wide array of switches including the GTS series sealed toggle switches. The GTS line of toggle switches are available in metal or plastic with SPST or DPDT circuitry and come in a wide range of electrical ratings.



CW Industries C6PPG-1606G
CW Industries CWN-300-10-0000
CW Industries CWN-300-16-0000
CW Industries CWN-300-16-0021
CW Industries CWN-300-20-0000
CW Industries CWN-300-40-0000
CW Industries CWN-300-40-0000
CW Industries CWN-300-40-0021

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