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Darfon Electronics Corp., founded in 1997, is a global leader in innovative and eco-friendly technologies for IT Peripherals, Passive Components, and Green Energy solutions. Renowned for its high-quality, end-to-end ODM and OEM services, Darfon excels in three major product lines.

In IT Peripherals, Darfon leads the market as the world's No.1 laptop keyboard manufacturer. Their extensive product range includes laptop keyboards, desktop keyboards, IT accessories, and gaming products.

For Passive Components, Darfon specializes in developing reliable, precision products with advanced materials and high-end powder technologies. These components, suitable for consumer and automotive applications, are pivotal in IT, Industrial, Medical, Network Communication, and Automotive industries.

Darfon's commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in their Green Energy technology. They offer high-efficiency power and energy management solutions for IT, industrial, transportation, and solar energy sectors, aligning with global green energy trends.



Darfon C1005NP0101JGTS
Darfon C1005NP0330JGTS
Darfon C1005NP0470JGTS
Darfon C1005NP0680JGTS
Darfon C1005X5R475MDTS
Darfon C1005X7R103KGT
Darfon C1005X7R104KDT
Darfon C1005X7R104KDTS

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