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Davies Molding LLC

Davies Molding is a premier provider of custom molded products, offering a legacy of excellence since 1933. With over 90 years of expertise, they have established themselves as a trusted partner to a majority of Fortune 500 companies, showcasing their ability to deliver durable, high-quality parts consistently. 

In 1987, Davies Molding became part of the Heico collection of companies, a billion-dollar multinational organization. By 1991, they relocated to a 99,000 square foot facility in Carol Stream, Illinois, where they continue to innovate and excel in the molding industry.

Davies Molding specializes in producing a wide range of molded products, utilizing the highest quality and widest variety of materials to ensure each project meets exact specifications and provides the best solution. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and outstanding customer satisfaction has earned them a stellar reputation. With state-of-the-art technology and significant production capacity, Davies Molding is the perfect partner for custom molding projects, offering unmatched reliability and precision. Whether you need standard or custom components, Davies Molding’s long history and proven track record make them the preferred choice for all your molding needs.


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