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Desco Industries

Delta Electrical Specialty Company (DESCO), incorporated in 1956, began with the manufacture and sale of the Circuitracerâ„¢, a continuity/voltage tester still produced today under the Menda brand. In 1979, Desco Industries Inc. was established, expanding to include brands such as APR, Desco, Desco Asia, Desco Europe, EasyBraid, EMIT,, Menda, Protektive Pak, SCS, and Statguard Flooring.

Desco Industries Inc. primarily manufactures products in the United States, with additional facilities in the United Kingdom and Japan. Their extensive inventory network includes locations in Japan, the UK, and the US, with a sales office in Singapore under the SCS brand. Desco's core product groups focus on ESD control for electronics manufacturing, including component rework machines, wrist straps, matting, ionizers, continuous monitors, and various workbench accessories. They also produce non-ESD products like chemicals, grounding, and training tools, with capabilities for custom manufacturing.

Desco has grown through new product development and strategic acquisitions, ensuring a comprehensive product range and strong market presence. Their worldwide distributor network and dedicated customer service teams provide local support and technical assistance, making Desco Industries Inc. a global leader in their niche. The sun truly never sets on Desco Industries Inc.


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