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Dielectric Laboratories

Knowles Precision Devices

Dielectric Laboratories (DLI), a brand under Knowles Precision Devices, specializes in RF and microwave filtering solutions tailored to various industries. With a comprehensive product range, DLI offers custom ceramic filters, resonators, diplexers, lumped element filters, and cavity filters spanning from VHF to the Ka band frequencies.

DLI's solutions are designed to meet the stringent requirements of industries such as telecommunications, aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial applications. These filtering solutions play a critical role in signal processing, communication systems, radar systems, and electronic warfare, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in complex electronic environments.

In addition to filtering solutions, DLI provides a range of high-Q multilayer capacitors (MLCCs), single-layer capacitors (SLCs), broadband blocks, thin film components, and custom ceramics. These components are essential for various electronic applications, including impedance matching, signal conditioning, and noise suppression.

Experience the precision and performance of Dielectric Laboratories' cutting-edge RF and microwave filtering solutions, trusted by industry leaders for their exceptional quality and reliability.



Knowles 0402B104K160NT
Knowles 0805N271J101N
Knowles 0805N471K201NT
Knowles 0805RB104K101NT
Knowles 1206B104K101YHT-HB
Knowles 2220JA250472KXTB16
Knowles 2220Y1K50154KXTWS2
Knowles 2220Y2K00104KERWS3

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