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Digilent, an NI company, has been at the forefront of innovation since 2000, developing hardware and software solutions that empower engineers, researchers, educators, and scientists to design and test with unparalleled flexibility. 

Specializing primarily in Xilinx-based FPGA/SoC development boards and kits, Digilent also offers portable USB test and measurement devices, all designed for use from an engineer's or student's desk. Their customizable solutions cater to both seasoned professionals and emerging engineers, accelerating development while maintaining a low barrier to entry.

Committed to making engineering accessible, Digilent provides competitively priced, portable products with comprehensive documentation. Their global presence spans three continents, ensuring speedy and cost-effective access through an extensive distribution network. They offer a variety of expansion modules (Pmods and Zmods) to create flexible I/O options for their other products, as well as robust options for DAQ and datalogging.

Digilent’s design philosophy emphasizes speed, modularity, customizability, world-class support, and open-source principles. By providing the building blocks for innovation, Digilent champions creativity and enhances the engineering experience, ensuring that you bring the brilliance to every project.


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