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Diptronics Manufacturing Inc., established in 1985, is a leading manufacturer certified with IATF 16949 and ISO 14001. Specializing in DIP, Tact, Rotary, Slide, Detector, Multi-functional, Micro, and Illuminated switches, Diptronics operates five major production sites in China and one in Vietnam, ensuring superior quality and timely delivery with integrated in-house production lines.

Diptronics switches find extensive applications in IoT devices, including cloud devices, smart homes, automotive, white goods, healthcare products, industrial equipment, security systems, and telecommunications. Notably, Diptronics switches dominate approximately 60% of the global notebook market demand.

With a focus on innovation, Diptronics remains committed to developing new technologies for smartphones, automotive, and Illuminated switches, catering to the ever-evolving market demands. Their strengths lie in integrated processes, customized production capabilities, and a professional development team dedicated to growth and meeting diverse challenges. Diptronics stands as a reliable partner in providing versatile switch solutions for various industries worldwide.



Diptronics 1188-1K2-V-T/R
Diptronics 1188-1K3-V-T/R
Diptronics 1188-1W2-V-T/R
Diptronics 1188E-1K2-Q-T/R
Diptronics 1188E-1K2-V-T/R
Diptronics 1188E-1K3-V-T/R
Diptronics 1188E-1W2-V-T/R
Diptronics 1188E-1W3-V-T/R

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