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Display Elektronik

Display Elektronik is a trusted supplier of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) and LC-modules, known for their superior quality and extensive customization options. Since 1996, they have upheld ISO9001 certification, ensuring consistent excellence in their products. Operating with manufacturing partners in Class-1000 and Class-100 clean room environments, Display Elektronik utilizes fully automated LCD/TFT-production lines capable of producing advanced OCA Technology through Surface Mount PCBA, COB, COG, COF, and Heat-Seal methods.

Located near Frankfurt/Main, their logistics center enables swift and cost-effective product distribution across Europe, with over 90% of items available for immediate shipment from their central European warehouse. Their well-equipped laboratory conducts rigorous testing—electrical, optical, temperature, and humidity—to guarantee product reliability. 

Display Elektronik actively engages customers through their showroom, showcasing operational products to facilitate effective project discussions. They also participate in international exhibitions, highlighting their diverse portfolio including LCD panels, digital modules, alphanumeric modules, monochrome graphic modules, TFT displays, OLED displays, e-Paper displays, LED displays, LED-backlights, touch panels, and customized membrane switches and rubber keypads.



Display Elektronik DEM 128064F FGH-PW
Display Elektronik DEM 128064G FGH-PW
Display Elektronik DEM 128064I ADX-PW-N
Display Elektronik DEM 128128B1 FGH-PW
Display Elektronik DEM 128160C TMH-PW-N
Display Elektronik DEM 16216 SYH-PY
Display Elektronik DEM 16217 SYH
Display Elektronik DEM 16217 SYH-PY

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