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Display Visions

Discover the pinnacle of display technology with Display Visions, formerly known as Electronic Assembly. Specializing in durable displays, Display Visions caters to a diverse range of industries, including process automation, mechanical engineering, and medical technology. With in-house development and production capabilities, Display Visions delivers European standard displays swiftly to meet customers' evolving needs.
As a leading German display manufacturer, Display Visions epitomizes innovation and quality in industrial displays. With a legacy spanning over four decades, Display Visions ensures long-term availability, shortest delivery times, and unmatched technical support, satisfying customers worldwide. 

Headquartered in Gilching, Germany, near Munich, Display Visions has continuously excelled in markets such as medical, automation, industrial technology, and automotive. Embrace innovation, reliability, and expertise with Display Visions, your trusted partner for cutting-edge display solutions.



Display Visions 0FP801-70SW
Display Visions EA 0099-KE
Display Visions EA 017-10UKE
Display Visions EA 017-12UKE
Display Visions EA 017-13UKE
Display Visions EA 017-14UKE
Display Visions EA 017-16U
Display Visions EA 017-16U

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