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Dwyer Instruments

Established in 1931, Dwyer Instruments stands as a beacon of innovation in the HVAC and Process Automation markets, delivering precision instrumentation solutions that set the industry standard. Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., Dwyer's high-quality products are trusted worldwide for their superior performance and reliability.

As part of the DwyerOmega family of brands, Dwyer Instruments collaborates with Omega Engineering and UFM to offer a comprehensive range of measurement solutions. From temperature and pressure to flow and level applications, Dwyer's diverse product line caters to a multitude of industries, including HVAC, chemical, food, oil and gas, and pollution control.

Dwyer's portfolio includes renowned instruments like Magnehelic and Spirahelic pressure gages, Photohelic switch/gages, Rate-Master and Mini-Master flowmeters, and Slack-Tube and Flex-Tube manometers. With divisions such as Mercoid, W.E. Anderson, Proximity Controls, and Love Controls, Dwyer Instruments continues to expand its reach and influence in the controls and instrumentation industry.

Driven by a commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Dwyer Instruments remains at the forefront of innovation, discovering new applications daily through collaboration with customers. With a legacy of market-leading products and a dedication to diversification, Dwyer Instruments exemplifies excellence in precision instrumentation.



Dwyer Instruments 16A2111
Dwyer Instruments 16A2133
Dwyer Instruments 16B-33
Dwyer Instruments 16B-33-LV
Dwyer Instruments 16C-2
Dwyer Instruments 16C-3
Dwyer Instruments 1823-0
Dwyer Instruments 1910-00

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