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EAO Switch

EAO Switch, a Swiss family-owned company, has been a global leader in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) since 1947. Renowned for their high-quality industrial pushbuttons, keypads, operating elements, and complete HMI systems, EAO combines precision, innovation, and engineering excellence.

They pioneered the first illuminated pushbutton 75 years ago, a testament to their commitment to innovation and design. EAO's product range includes reliable, intuitive, and innovative solutions tailored to meet diverse industry needs. The company’s reputation is built on delivering first-rate, customized products and maintaining a strong sense of responsibility.

Customers worldwide value EAO's exceptional product design, technical expertise, and ability to create application-specific adaptations. With a dedicated and continually developing workforce, EAO ensures global supply and support throughout the entire lifecycle of their products, making them a trusted partner for comprehensive HMI solutions.


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